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  1. Jeff Guidry

    An epiphany about the Beyerdynamic DT-770 80ohm

    I just took my DT-770's offshore with me for only the second time, as I wanted to keep them at home as "good" full-size headphones.  My Etymotic ER-6i's had been out of commission for awhile until I got a colleague at work to solder on a new minijack.  Trouble is, when the jack is turned a...
  2. Jeff Guidry

    Phish 3D concert movie!

    OMG! PHISH 3D: In Theaters April 30th
  3. Jeff Guidry

    Greenest desires

    In honor of darkangel's VERY long lived and multi installment threads about black metal, I thought I would start a thread about stoner metal, stoner rock, sludge, doom, or any type of heavy music that incorportates heavy guitars, lots of bass, and is generally slow paced (sometimes midtempo, but...
  4. Jeff Guidry

    Stoner Metal IEM's?

    I have recently lost my UE SuperFi 5 Pros and I need to replace them. I have recently started listening to lots of stoner rock/metal like Down, Acid King, Queens of the Stone Age, Electric Wizard, etc. and I would like an IEM that can provide a nice thick chunky bottom end. Fine detail is not a...
  5. Jeff Guidry

    Your strange thrift store finds...

    Those of us with vinyl rigs will often trot out to the local thrift store to find the odd diamond in the rough, a nice classical music recording or perhaps overlooked rock record in good shape amidst the tons of water damaged Christmas albums. But sometimes you run across a strange item that...
  6. Jeff Guidry

    Laptop upgrade recommendations

    I have just replaced the harddrive in my Dell E1705 laptop with a 320 gig for movies/TV, etc. Problem is that the processor is a bit too slow to convert my DVD's at a sufficiently rapid rate for my tastes. I am currently using Vista 32 bit, and the RAM on my computer is 533mhz. Perusing...
  7. Jeff Guidry

    Tolkien fans: where to next?

    Just got finished re-reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and finally I managed to get through The Silmarillion, and I really enjoyed it. Now I'm ready for more Tolkien, but there is a bewildering array of posthumous Tolkien works to plow through. For someone ready to go deeper, what's...
  8. Jeff Guidry

    The Leader of the Band is Dead: Dan Fogelberg dies at age 56

    Singer-songwriter Dan Fogelberg dies - Yahoo! News
  9. Jeff Guidry

    Drew Carey on The Price Is Right

    I don't think he's going to last. His voice is simply unpleasant compared to Bob Barker's, and he doesn't have the sense of rhythm and pacing, and I don't think it's because he's new to the job, I think he just doesn't have it. Doing a game show is a lot different than standup...... I think...
  10. Jeff Guidry


    A weird, wonderful, Japanese noise pop Devo worshiping band. Recently a clip of a breakdancer that appears at their shows was featured in the Member's Lounge. That was a video showing ONLY her performance, here is the whole clip that includes a male breakdancer that is...
  11. Jeff Guidry

    6 volt battery hack

    I just found out about this battery hack from another forum. Watch this video: My first instinct when watching this video was to wonder if each of those identically sized batteries was a full 1.2 volts as a standard...
  12. Jeff Guidry

    Some fun time waster games

    courtesy of Shell oil company: My favorite is the Energy Drive game.
  13. Jeff Guidry

    ImTOO DVD to IPod suite problem with some videos.........

    I purchased the ImTOO DVD to IPod suite, and it has worked well with some videos (Newsradio television DVD's and Beastie Boys music videos), but for my Futurama DVD's, the audio will drop out from time to time on the IPod. When I converted my Big Lebowski DVD, I found that the video stuttered on...
  14. Jeff Guidry

    Initial impressions: AKG K26P

    These headphones are about as close to an impulse purchase as I have ever made in audio, in that it took me less than a week from getting the idea that I wanted a small, closed, inexpensive headphone for walking around in my neighborhood to actually buying the headphones. I got them from my...
  15. Jeff Guidry

    The King of Rock 'n' Roll: The Complete 50's Masters -- Elvis Presley box set

    Read the allmusic guide review here. I just got this set off Ebay, and for the past few days I've been reveling in the fantastic energy of the creation of rock 'n roll as we know it today. The collection is chronological and contains every master take of all the songs Elvis cut in the 50's...
  16. Jeff Guidry

    Legendary Pink Dots to tour U.S.

    starting in just a few weeks. I saw them about five years ago in Los Angeles, it was a very powerful show, and I recommend seeing them if you have the chance. Their U.S. tours are infrequent. 06/10/06: Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater 06/11/06: Kansas City, MO - Grand Emporium 06/13/06...
  17. Jeff Guidry

    Anthology of American Folk Music, Vol. 1-3

    While reading about Bob Dylan's influences, I came across this box set that was originally issued back in the '50's. Here is its listing on allmusic: Anthology of American Folk Music, Vol. 1-3 Who owns this/knows anything about it? Your impressions?
  18. Jeff Guidry

    Where to buy the OPA2107?

    I am a non-DIYer, so please forgive such a simple minded question. I have a Firestone Audio Cute Beyond amp with Supplier power supply which uses the OPA2227. I use Sony V6's and will soon use the Grado 225's, and I am looking to tone down the aggressiveness of the highs of these headphones...
  19. Jeff Guidry

    Can I say how BAD ASS Aretha Franklin is?

    I had been a fan of her music ever since I heard her version of Ray Charles' "Drown in My Own Tears" on a late night drive on a college radio station. On the strength of that single, I got The Delta Meets Detroit: Aretha's Blues, a fascinating and deeply rewarding compilation of her blues...
  20. Jeff Guidry

    Just pulled the trigger on Cute Beyond and Supplier

    Ran into some money and I've been getting back into headphones lately, so I figure I would get a decent amp and start back right. Can anyone tell me what I can expect from this combo? My source is a Sony 500v (remember that FOTM?), I've got some headphile basic interconnects on the way, and...
  21. Jeff Guidry

    Can I say how BAD ASS Led Zeppelin is?

    I'm listening to Pandora, on a radio station with Led Zeppelin's "For Your Life" as the basis. I am currently listening to "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and I felt I had to share my rock vibe with the head-fi. Go use you some Pandora, and go get a Led Zeppelin record.
  22. Jeff Guidry

    Thoughts on buying a used computer

    I'd like to buy an inexpensive computer to get on the internet and maybe process some digital photos, and not much else. I figure a used computer would be the best way to get what I need at a reasonable price. What are your thoughts on buying used computers? What should I look for, and where...
  23. Jeff Guidry

    No NASA geeks? Deep Impact mission

    Surprised no one else brought this up. NASA successfully struck a comet and recorded the results, to learn more about what comets are made of. Anybody that follow this sort of thing have thoughts?
  24. Jeff Guidry

    Happy 4th of July

    or is that too political?
  25. Jeff Guidry

    Headphones for movie watching

    I've been digging around in the boards, and I can't seem to find any threads that directly discuss headphones for movie watching, so I thought I would start one. My beloved V6's have a very narrow soundstage and so are not suited for movies. It seems like common characteristics for ideal...