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  1. Speedskater

    Extremely sensitive to sound

    No the early 1970's Heathkit amps and control amps had a lot of hiss.
  2. Speedskater

    Poll:Aftermarket Qutest psu.

    Well designed components should be insensitive to any reasonably well designed external power supply.
  3. Speedskater

    Extremely sensitive to sound

    Hiss is often a 'stage gaining' problem. That's when the level controls for all the stages are not set to their best position and one stage needs to do a lot of amplification.
  4. Speedskater

    Can I/How do I paint a Schiit Amp?

    Take photos of each step of the dis-assembly, so later you can put it back together. In the Fall you might get a high school auto shop to paint it.
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    Will inserting a earphone/headphone into an amp with volume knob not at zero cause electrical surge and damage?

    Well I do it all the time (insert headphones) but the volume is at a reasonable level for the headphones.
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    Extremely sensitive to sound

    You are not the only one! Now that I'm old, it's only the low frequency noise (that others don't notice) that bothers me. My wife has one of her mother's wrist watch's. I make her keep it in a drawer in another room, so I don't hear the ticking. In the pre-CD era, I would go into my buddy's...
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    How to configure microphone EQ to make a human voice sound more bassy

    Have you tried speaking more to the side of the mic, rather than straight on? Have you tried speaking father away from the mic?
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    Topaz Low-Capacitance Isolation Transformers - for Affordably Clean Power

    a little "Kill-a-Watt" meter (or similar) will do a good job of measuring power line Voltage, Current & Power. with any DMM if you measure before and after the isolation transformer, most of the meter's errors will cancel out.
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    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    For great wire and cable providers in the US my first choices are: Markertek Redco Have Inc Lemo connectors are great, but real pricey.
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    What do you think about subjective opinions without any scientific basis?

    Wow, don't you really understand what I meant by an "ears only" listening test?
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    Recording Impulse Responses for Speaker Virtualization

    With pink noise or a 1 kHz tone, you can set a full volume reference level. This is the long standard protocol for measuring signal-to-noise.
  12. Speedskater

    Testing audiophile claims and myths

    Well the real meaning of 'high fidelity' is high accuracy. So 'low fidelity' may be euphonic colorization, which can often be more musical or enjoyable than high fidelity reproduction.
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    Modified kimber cable mod, what is it ?

    Shielding is keeping the RFI out in the first place, much better than trying to filter the RFI after it gets in. More likely they have come to enjoy the added background noise that unshielded RCA interconnects sometimes allow.
  14. Speedskater

    Any love for OPA2228?

    Different op-amps for different audio applications, it's all about engineering skill. When doing op-amp rolling, always check your work with an O-scope (30MHz or higher).
  15. Speedskater

    Modified kimber cable mod, what is it ?

    All the best RCA unbalanced (single-ended) analog interconnects use a coax cable with a heavy braided shield.
  16. Speedskater

    Quadrapole/Star Quad Power Cables?

    I would stick with major industrial/commercial cable manufactures that sell 'UL' listed cables.
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    Balanced Cable Question

    Balanced cables (or circuits) don't have a 'ground' conductor. They have 2 signal conductors (4 for stereo). They may also have a 'shield', but the shield does not need to be connected at both ends for proper operation.
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    Topaz Transformer Question

    Sure, it should work OK. But you might have to re-think the Safety Ground connections.
  19. Speedskater

    Power conditioners vs Power distributors vs Power regenerators

    From a 'good engineering practice' point of view, distribution blocks or power strips might improve the sound. Why? Because they will reduce the total length of AC cords from hi-fi component to component. This may reduce the background noise. * * * * * * * * * I don't have anything good to say...
  20. Speedskater

    How to stop or prevent current leakage from PSU's unearthed AC plug?

    Well it's like automobile seat belts, when something goes wrong it's good to have them.
  21. Speedskater

    How does quality of return wire affect sound?

    I'm not aware of any cord that uses two different types of wire.
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    How to stop or prevent current leakage from PSU's unearthed AC plug?

    Only components with double insulated enclosures (square within a square safety symbol) should use two conductor AC cords.
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    Is "Cryo' ED 78K" England treatment really makes a difference on CD , cables etc?

    An EE in a (super conductor) research lab reports that while cyro treatment of a wire will have a very small but measurable difference, that difference will disappear after the wire is flexed a few times.
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    Best power items and tips

    Plug everything thing into the same outlet strip and stop worrying about it.
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    How to bend wood?

    An easy way is to do a DIY plywood construction. using WEST System epoxy. Here are some DIY wooden boat pictures, but they have links to other types of projects.