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  1. jussssss

    Headphones or earphones give better sound quality?

    very insightful guys! I guess i am just used to the sound of an IEM being so forward and close to the inner ear, which is why i have some reservations of headphones (in the same price range). The only real way to find out is to try and test to draw conclusions. 
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  4. jussssss

    Poll: How do you wear yours?

    normally around the front, but if im running down the back.
  5. jussssss

    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

    so its really not that much different than ths S9 or D2 in terms of SQ? lol
  6. jussssss

    Cheapest headphone retail stores in Hong Kong?

    just go to the address that firoze mentioned. Mingo has several stores, but the Mongkok is the most comprehensive with alot of stuff to try. Kingsound also has alot to try but not as much as Mingo. HK has cheap electronics in general, but this type of gear i wouldnt say is cheaper. The main...
  7. jussssss

    Parental issues with the high end headphones?

    until you can get them without your parentals on your back i suggest you avoid head-fi at all costs! i enjoy my setups alot more when im not reading head-fi at the same time :P
  8. jussssss

    The new Cowon J3 has micro sdhc slot (from audible pdf)

    i asked one of the support tech's at the distributor in HK while i was getting my D2+ repaired yesterday (takes 3 weeks to fix!! ). But he was unaware of the J3 or release date, but the V5 is out this month here.
  9. jussssss

    Westone UM3X Thread

    would the removable cable be the same as the custom model cable?
  10. jussssss

    Unique Melody Mini

    interesting, so its like a smaller custom shell! will the isolation suffer alot?? Actually its in RMB not yen, priced just over 200 Euros. I love how it says "harmless to human body." nice!!
  11. jussssss

    Westone UM3X Thread

    but having said that, im not against someone trying it! ive thought about remolding mine as well.
  12. jussssss

    Westone UM3X Thread

    well the main difference is that, while the drivers are the same, they are tuned differently for their respective shells ( custom and universal ). So at the end of the day buying a um3x and having it re-shelled wont be quite the same as getting a ES3X, as your setup is for universals and not...
  13. jussssss

    Coming from Triple Fi/ IE8, what next? UM3x or Westone 3?

    i found the treble on the W3 to be a bit harsh, which is why i got the UM3X instead. i prefer it to the TF10 as well, so much more comfortable to say the least, i wish the 3x had the tf10 stage width but its not a big issue for me. but yeh its hard if you cant try before you buy! fortunately...
  14. jussssss

    Shure SE115 vs Thinksound Rains

    id suggest re0 or rains, thought ive never heard the rains. I doubt you will like the 115's as the Skullcandys might actually be better.
  15. jussssss

    Thinking of getting the um3x- should I get them?

    i have always prefered the um3x over the TF10's. The only thing i liked about the 10's is the wide stage compared to the somewhat smaller stage of the 3x ( although i dont see it as a big issue). I use shure tips with the 3x and the fit is significantly better than my other IEM's and almost as...
  16. jussssss

    Worst IEM you owned so far

    back in the day.... skullcandy titans not that great but better then shure 115's.
  17. jussssss

    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    man all this makes me wish i had added drivers! i just got my sf5 pro remolded but havent had time to pick them up yet!
  18. jussssss

    IE7/8 vs TF-10 vs UM2

    just out of curiosity, how come you list um2 instead of 3x?
  19. jussssss

    Where can I find double-flange tips for my TF10?

    dont the 10's come with double flanged tips? i cant remember , i remember the 5pros's did.
  20. jussssss

    Is there fake 10 pro?

    what makes you think they are fake to begin with??
  21. jussssss

    Shure SE530

    the difference is day and night
  22. jussssss

    Why do people prefer Sony Hybrid tips?

    for me its a combo of seal and comfort. they seal better than stocks for my ears and they are softer too.
  23. jussssss

    Westone UM3X Thread

    Hey Sladeophile you should also consider getting the fit kit or shure tips to go with it! on another note , do many of you guys have a problem with the cable starting to unwind??
  24. jussssss

    Buy a S9, or wait? [regarding COWON product life cycles]

    yeh the i9 looks kinda interesting tho , [ Welcome to ] im still interested to see how they sound compared to the D2+