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  1. Darvy

    Book Recommendations for a N00b DIYer?

    What book do you recommend for a beginner? I think I'll be majoring in EE in college. Everyone have to start somewhere
  2. Darvy

    Cmoy question (n00b alert)

    Well I built myself a cmoy. Surprised I actually got it since I have absolutely no clue about electronics. Anyway I got some Alligator jumpers and did everything Tangent describe (thanks Tan). Since I'm new at this and my soldering isn't quite up to par yet, I was wondering if its...
  3. Darvy

    Anyone subscribe to Electronic magazines?

    I am thinking of getting involved in DIY projects and from what I saw Nuts & Volts seems to have those. I'm thinking of subscribing to nuts & volts and just wanted to ask the opinion of those here who might already have it. Are there better magazines?
  4. Darvy

    Who sells Meta42?

    I emailed Fiddler but I know he is already gone. Anyone here know someone else who's still doing this? Thanx
  5. Darvy

    Any solution to my problem?

    So I have a friend in Canada who owes me 340 dollars (long story). He said he will pay back by helping me pay for the Sony cd3000 which I want to get before this coming monday (school starting). Problem is I emailed and ask some stores if it was possible for us to go through with it...
  6. Darvy

    Anyone know any wireless forums? (need some help)

    I am hoping someone might know an auction site or trade site that is similar to something like this site that deals with wireless equipment. Here's a short boring story. I live in a small town and for a while we didn't have any kind of broadband internet. A wireless company opened here and so...
  7. Darvy

    Recommendations Please (Lots of Info provided :D)

    First of all I would like to say I was directed to this forum by a person on Apparently my questions didn't generate much responses. Looking over this board for a while now, I could see that my questions would definately would get good recommendations. I hope so anyway...