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  1. mywallethurts

    Brainwavz B2 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    was too late for the $99 b2. danggggggg
  2. mywallethurts

    Ortofon e-Q5 Impressions Thread

    Quote: thats good to hear. i really admire you guys for being so composed in times like these. and yes ill continue to buy more japanese made headphones
  3. mywallethurts

    New: Sunrise Sw-Xcape Ver 2

    the cables from connector to middle part where it there is an engraving "xcape" are good but the from the midway point up to the earphones, the cable is flimsy and looks like it could tear apart anytime
  4. mywallethurts

    [REVIEW] VSONIC GR07 – Labor of Love

    burn them in for 100 hours and let us hear from you guys again. im at 120+ now and all i can say is the sq is jaw dropping for the price. dba02 ddm re262 is no match to this imo
  5. mywallethurts

    [REVIEW] VSONIC GR07 – Labor of Love

    Quote: everything is superb. i prefer this to my dmm dba02 re262
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    [No title]

    owl jolson.jpg
  7. mywallethurts

    [REVIEW] VSONIC GR07 – Labor of Love

      I really like it. good all arounder and just like the um3x as stated by clieos
  8. mywallethurts

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    finally the tf10's arrive after the long wait   first impressions:   bass authority. a bit laid back mids. sparkly nice treble its not better than my westone 4 but is better in terms of sheer musical enjoyment or what you call "fun" question, what tips do you guys recommend? the...
  9. mywallethurts

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Quote: yep i do. the deeper the fit the cleaner the sound  
  10. mywallethurts

    Headphone stores in Singapore

    thanks a lot everyone. seems like im set to go to the said places. are there any radius sellers too?
  11. mywallethurts

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIV]

    Quote: excellent setup. es10 is indeed one of the best portable cans  
  12. mywallethurts

    Headphone stores in Singapore

    Hi all,   ill be going there this coming 3rd week of april where should i go to? the only place i know selling some headphones is sim lim square i prefer places near orchard road thanks a lot 
  13. mywallethurts

    [REVIEW] VSONIC GR07 – Labor of Love

    Quote: agreed. i had a 315 few months back and never regretted selling them. terrible earphones for the price. heck even the 425 isnt worth the msrp. more appropriate to be priced at $100
  14. mywallethurts

    Help me make a choice! Ultimate Ears Triplefi 10 vs. Monster Pro Copper

    Quote:   it is because the stock cable is crap and worth nothing. upgrade them into silver cable or something better and the mid range improves significantly    
  15. mywallethurts

    radius website says HP-TWF21 is ready

    Quote: i cant wait for your impressions. do you happen to own the first ddm?
  16. mywallethurts

    Brainwavz B2 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Quote:   im pretty sure these will be a hit if it sounds almost like the dba02 while being significantly cheaper :) when is the exact date you will be accepting preorder?    
  17. mywallethurts

    Review: Fischer Audio's DBA-02

    Quote: i had the same experience before. thats why i sold it off since after burning it in for a few weeks it was still there
  18. mywallethurts

    What's New From DUNU?

    are they available internationally?