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    Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

    My username is ChampionshipVinyl   I'd just like to see more opportunities for unique stereo separates like the Sprout.
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    Favorite Musical Discovery of the Past Year

    Quote: Originally Posted by MikeHunt79 LCD Soundsystem good artist (James Murphy), which album made you start listening, sounds of silver or the eponymous debut?
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    Hip Hop Is Dead

    While this thread doesn't necessarily seem like it's going to go anywhere as the OP is pretty much stuck on his stance, I would have to say that by following his logic just about every "genre" is dead. I think I know where people who argue that is coming from, but at the same time sometimes you...
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    List 1 really good CD for headfi listening....

    Wilco- Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
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    How to listen objectively? Like an audiophile?

    Well I think it's mainly that by the time you are able to attain the experience and relatively unlimited funds that allow you to be a audiophile, you have a standard set of music that you use for reference/comparison. From there, the terminology is just something you learn over time, and quite...
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    Film recommendations

    Lots of great recommendations already. One movie that I liked and thought is pretty underrated is One Hour Photo with a creepy as hell Robin Williams. Another disturbing movie (although slightly humorous) is Happiness. More along the lines of action films, I'd recommend Ichi the Killer. If...
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    Must Have Albums for Radiohead Fans

    Another couple artists I'd throw into the mix are Blonde Redhead and DJ Shadow. Also, I think that Coldplay's b-sides rank them much more closely to Radiohead than anything that's come out on their major releases.
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    J.K. Rowling left out one detail in her Harry Potter books...

    Wow, my life is complete now-- I knew something was missing. I guess the fact that a fake, made up character's sexual preference can cause such a stir is an attribute to the mega-success of Harry Potter but it seems pretty much a non-issue to me. Now if President Bush came out of the closet...
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    Grado SR225 or Sennheiser HD595

    Quote: Originally Posted by Clutz I disagree - I think the HD595s are better for rock than the SR225s, unless of course you are listening to really bass-guitar heavy rock. I consider Radiohead, Blur, The Cure as rock bands, and those three bands would be massacred by the SR225s. On the...
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    Review: q-JAYS (incl. pics)

    Damn, if it weren't for the fact that the q-Jays will probably make some of my mp3s unbearable I'd be sold on these completely. Hmm...
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    I don't really know how many people buy the 595s as the "final solution" headphones anyway. I know there are better headphones out there, but really for the price, I think the 595s are some of the most versatile headphones out there and it helps that they work so well without needing a...
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    Have You "(Radiohead's) In Rainbows"?: Impressions thread

    Interesting opinions here, it's cool seeing how varied they are. This is my favorite release by Radiohead next to OK Computer. I would definitely put it higher than Kid A/Amnesiac though, but that's just me. It's not nearly as daring as those two albums are to be sure, but I like the overall...
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    Horror movies - Your favorites?

    I'm not a huge horror movie fan, I'm not sure why really, but here are some of my favorites: Nosferatu 28 Days Later Psycho (the REAL version) The Shining I keep hearing about the Last House on the Left-- is it really worth checking out?
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    Playoff Baseball Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Happy Camper Only the Cubbies can blow it with such a payroll. Watch the Yankees much? Anyway, as has been proven a million, bazillion times before, payroll doesn't equate to championships. Especially when you're paying $61 million to a couple of...
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    Best CDP for $300 (not $3k)

    Cambridge Audio is generally regarded as the best bet in this price range, which I would tend to agree with as a former owner. Your best bet would be a used 640c, a very formidable cdp, and they generally pop up on Audiogon every now and again. If you can't find one in your price range though a...
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    XBox 360, Wii, or PSP?

    I'm a Wii owner but I would have to say that if your parents are buying it go with the XBox 360. I love the Wii, don't get me wrong, but the catalog of games is really lacking comparatively. I know that will get better over time due to the ridiculously high console sales, but by that time you...
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    Music+Film: Who's going to see I'm Not There (Dylan) & Across the Universe (Beatles)?

    I'm Not There looks like it could be a very good film, and may end up being one of the better attempts at encompassing Bob Dylan's image on the big screen. On the other hand Across the Universe seems to be the kind of film that won't end up attracting many Beatles fans as teenage girls that will...
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    Ipod headphones KOSS Ksc75 or SONY MDR-Q22LP

    Koss all the way... I'm not too fond of the Q22's, personally.
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    D'Backs win the NL West!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please don't tell me you're one of the people that thought the Bartman thing was a curse, haha.
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    Anyone catch the Rockies-Padres game?

    What a great game, I'm happy that the Rox won-- they make for an interesting match up against the Phillies. This should also seal the deal for Holliday winning the MVP (unless of course Rollins wins it).
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    Going to see Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello tonight

    Yeah, I was really hoping to catch these guys in Chicago but the tickets were already sold out. Elvis is outstanding live and I caught Bob Dylan live last year (it was a surprise gift for my dad's b-day) and he was very good, although I was disappointed that he didn't play the guitar at all...
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    Looking for more good rap

    I mentioned Common on my last post... I'm kinda surprised there aren't more recommendations here.
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    !!! === loudloudloud thumpthumpthump

    I too would probably fall under the category of casual fan of !!!, I like Myth Takes better than Louden Up Now (which is good, but some of the songs on that album are flat out exhausting IMO). They're a lot of fun to listen to for me, but I know I checked them out a bit at Lollapalooza and I'd...
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    What 2007 albums are you waiting for?

    I don't mind there being a "Diskbox" version, but don't charge so damn much for it. If it were $40 US I could possibly see it, but twice that amount? Thom Yorke and company would have to come over to my place and do a set.
  25. BassheadJazz

    D'Backs win the NL West!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see these guys ruin the Cubs run, woot!