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  1. crazyfrenchman27

    Looking for custom IEM recommendations 1.0-1.5k usd budget

    Hi, My company recently made the transition to an open office space and I’d like to invest in a pair of comfortable iems with clean, neutral sound that I can wear for 4-8 hours a day. Currently I wear etymotics er5 and I’m relatively happy, but I would like a custom fit. My budget is around...
  2. crazyfrenchman27

    ATH-ESW9, I'm impressed

    I've owned nearly every piece of audio equipment imaginable and have begun to need a closed portable headphone as of late.  I read some complimentary reviews of the ESW9 and picked these up on the off-chance that they would change my mind regarding closed supra-aural portable headphones, a...
  3. crazyfrenchman27

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10, how do they compare?

    The audiophile IEM landscape has changed significantly since I last visited this site.   How do the TF10 compare to the current top-tier generic fit IEM offerings?  Price is not a limiting factor.   Also, does mic capability degrade audio quality?   A top three ranking would be...
  4. crazyfrenchman27

    New Portable Amp needed, could use some advice

    Hey Guys,   I haven't posted or lurked in a while because I reached that elusive place called Audio Nirvana (hint to newbies: pony up the dough and buy the high-end stuff, it will save you money; stick with KSC75 until you've saved up your pennies).   I'm in the market for a new portable...
  5. crazyfrenchman27

    USB Dongle with an S/PDIF optical out for use with an external DAC/laptop?

    Hello, Could someone direct me to an inexpensive option for the use of S/PDIF opitcal out with an external DAC/laptop setup? Thanks, Matt
  6. crazyfrenchman27

    Best place to buy CDs online?

    That's my question...cheapest prices, fastest shipments, everything. -Matt
  7. crazyfrenchman27

    Do you ever shout "freebird" ...

    at concerts? Discuss... -Matt
  8. crazyfrenchman27

    Problems with Foobar 2k and ASIO plug-in...

    Hey guys, I recently reformatted my hard drive and I'm now reinstalling all my old programs. However, I'm having difficulty getting foobar to recognize the ASIO plug-in that I extract to the components folder. When I open foobar, it does not appear in the output options. I've done this...
  9. crazyfrenchman27

    AOS Piccolo compared to other sources?

    I'm currently searching for a portable/transportable external DAC to complement my system. I was wondering if any of you had any impressions of the AOS Piccolo and how it compares to other sources. Specifically, how does it compare to comparably priced CDP and DACs (like Headroom...
  10. crazyfrenchman27

    Stupid question about supermacro...

    I know this may sound like a stupid question, but do you have to turn the Supermacro on in order for it to recharge batteries? I just got it recently and probably won't have time to listen to it for the next day or two (final's week), but I'd like the batteries to be fully charged. -Matt
  11. crazyfrenchman27

    Whoa...Burn in!

    Something happened last night that just made my MS-2i's BLOOM. They now have this BIG, WARM, and DETAILED sound...whereas before they were brighter and more distant. Awesome. I'm pretty sure it's not in my happened somewhere around the 100 hour mark of burn-in, I think...
  12. crazyfrenchman27

    Supermacro V3 comparisons with home amps?

    Could someone please compare their Supermacro V3 to other reputable home amps? I am seriously considering purchasing the Supermacro as an all-rounder but I'd like to feel assured that I'm getting the most for my money in sonic performance (without considering portability). Thanks, Matt
  13. crazyfrenchman27

    How do you make a vwap pad?

    I recently received the sennheiser pads and would like to know how large of a hole I should cut in them. I tried the search function, but I couldn't find any detailed instructions. Thanks!
  14. crazyfrenchman27

    Can a Xin supermini sufficiently drive an HD580?

    I'm trying to recommend a headphone setup for a friend and I was wondering if a Xin supermini could sufficiently drive an HD580... I think the AD823 would pair well with them, but I don't know about the rest. Would a PIMETA be better? I'm concerned about the PIMETA's battery life; I think...
  15. crazyfrenchman27

    Sony MDR-CD180?

    Does anyone have any opinions on the Sony MDR-CD180? I found them in my closet and decided to try them on to remember my pre-"head-fi" days. They don't sound too bad for $20. I'm currently groovin' to them with élan. Is there something wrong with my ear? Currently Listening to...
  16. crazyfrenchman27

    Best Punk Rock Album Ever?

    My vote is for The Offspring's "Ignition," released in 1992. Which album has your vote?
  17. crazyfrenchman27

    Help with ASIO and foobar 2k

    I try to utilize ASIO with foobar, but when I open a song, I get the following error message: ERROR (foo_output_asio(dll)) : unsupported sample rate. I am using the foobar_output_asio(dll)_037 and ASIOall 1.8. I've tried changing the settings/sample rate in the control panel of ASIOall...
  18. crazyfrenchman27

    ASIO plug-in for itunes?

    Does anyone know of an ASIO plug-in for itunes so that I may use ASIOall? How about for Foobar? I encounter some problems when using kernel streaming with foobar and I'd like a remedy (when I highlight a song, it stops the song I'm currently playing).