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  1. nnotis

    Balanced B22 with K1000s

    I recently procured a balanced B22, and I may finally have reached an understanding of what the K1000s are about. Before the B22, my only desktop amp was the one included in the Lavry DA10. Plugging the K1000s into its balanced outs lead to a very thin sound, roughly on par with the SA5000s in...
  2. nnotis

    USB DAC with PS3?

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried to set up a USB DAC with their PS3? The system has an optical out that would be preferable if one's DAC accommodates it. But I just ordered a Pico, which would be extremely nice to use while watching movies and playing games. Thanks!
  3. nnotis

    iMod line out cable with volume control?

    I can't stand using my gen 5.5 iPod's headphone out. But adding a mini amp to my setup would make many of my pockets too small to fit everything. So portability would be sacrificed. Consequently, I haven't had my iPod moded. Instead, I just cart around a cheap line out cable from Sik and an even...
  4. nnotis

    iPod G5.5 dock line out w volume control?

    I'm totally dissatisfied with the stock headphone jack of my G5.5 iPod. I'd love to get the sound quality of an iMod + Hornet, but I'm not willing to lug another device (the mini amp) around. One possible compromise is to get a dock line out cable to plug my headphones directly into. Here's my...