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  1. Nomi

    has anyone heard these Audio-Technica ATH-CM7ti

    The ATH-CM5 has the best sound imaging, but has poor quality bass and highs. The Sony MDR-E888 sounds better than the ATH-CM5. The ATH-CM7TI is on another level. The ATH-CM7TI has strong solid bass, sound imaging right behind the CM5, the highs is just about right, not overly bright as the...
  2. Nomi

    How are the D11 eggos?

    The D11 has a forward sound which I prefer over D22, but the D11 doesn't handle the highs well at all, therefore, I would rather listen to the D22 any day. If you really want to have more than one pair of eggos. I would suggest you skip the D11 and save that part of the money toward a new D22 in...
  3. Nomi

    EX70LP 'egg-shaped' storage case???

    I had the Sony MDR-EX70LP awhile ago, the case can be use two ways. First way is open the case and just wind the cord in the middle, the earbuds and the headphone plug will be outside of the case. If you are forcing the case to close, you have wind the cord too tight, just loosen it alittle. The...
  4. Nomi

    Sony D-555 owners, please help.

    Hi, I just received a D-555, everything seem to be in good order, except the AC adapter has few knots and a replaced connection tip. I put in a CD and immediately notice the right channel is much louder, the vocal and bass is on the wrong side of the channel(they should be a little to the left...
  5. Nomi

    Sony remote EQ?

    The EQ setting is in the unit. You can adjust the EQ direct on a recorder or the remote. A MD player has fewer bottoms, so it is mostly adjust on the remote.
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