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  1. jiaonibielai

    how about Harman kardon EP730 this earphone?

    there is almost no body talk about this earphone. I want to konw is this earphone really good? Harman kardon EP730
  2. jiaonibielai

    Custom 10 Pro & Custom Shure SE530

    I am a chinese guy..i know that... actually it is very cheap to have a DIY custom earphone and have almost same sound. 99%same.
  3. jiaonibielai

    Headphone Amplifier?

    I think you can buy a kenwood D9. this is very good for your SE530 and SCL5 but don't need a amp.
  4. jiaonibielai

    Best sub-bass IEM?

    may be UE 5pro, because i have one. compare to SE530. 5pro is much stronger. and lots people are saying IE8 is pretty good.i think so.
  5. jiaonibielai

    Shure SE530? Is it still a top ranking IEM?

    I like my se530. but I can't just say it is the best. you know, while earphone goes this high class, it almost depent on your flavor but not which one is the best. there is no best earphone in the world. only the one is best fit for you. I think,hencetofore. the best sound i have heard is...