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  1. Relinquished

    Bass and Detailed IEMs at $130?

    Hey people.I have a budget of $200 SGD (roughly $130 USD).I was on my way to getting a SF3/UM1 because i decided to take a break from too much bass when i stumbled upon the band Pendulum.I love their tracks and they need so much punchy bass to sound good.They re-ignited my love for bass and so I...
  2. Relinquished

    MS-1 Isolation..and headphone dilemma....

    Hey people,yesterday I went to my local headphone shop with the intention of buying the new Crossroads Quattro but I didn't like it so much as the isolation was bad for me because maybe i have smaller ear canals .. Ok thats not very important info ya,lets move on. So i got curious over all...
  3. Relinquished

    Headband Mod

    Hey guys im using a ATH-SJ1 and i love the sound very much.But i hate the headband because it is plastic and when i hang it around my neck it is very itchy and sometimes it pokes my skin which is quite uncomfortable.So im trying to do a headband mod to stick a soft pad(such as the headphone...
  4. Relinquished

    Recommend Hard Rock Bands

    Anybody got any hard rock band to recommend.I love disturbed so hopefully i can find bands with the same style as them.
  5. Relinquished

    Interconnect Troubles

    Well,since i am making a decent amp soon,i though i save up some money and re-use my failed interconnects i made in the past.But no matter how i troubleshoot,i cant seem to solve the problem.Heres what. My IC uses a neutrik plug 3.5mm.All of them have this problem of producing sound only in 1...
  6. Relinquished

    LOD question

    Hey guys,got my 5.5g ipod today from a seller and i found out that there is a volume "cap" function that allows the max volume to be i was wondering if i could cap it low and use the LOD with it just like that?
  7. Relinquished

    Single Pole Switches

    I have heard of these switches being able to short the circuit together so i can still use the mp3 without the amp.Anybody know what is it exactly called and how it works?also how can i implement this into my amp? this is the current circuit of my Fiio E3 Mod Amp which i would like to...
  8. Relinquished

    DIY-ing your own Caps

    Hi,recently read about lots of good reviews and wonders about what caps can do.While thinking for 1min.i came up with an idea of buying 2 3.5mm jacks and soldering them together with the 2 positive wires joint by a capacitor in the middle.Well i am not sure if "logic" applies to electronics...
  9. Relinquished

    Recommendations for cheap IEMs

    I have a budget of 50 SGD (~ 27 USD).i know its abit cheap but I am still with my headphones and they make my hair look so awkward so i wana try IEM(something which i have not liked).So im looking for a low budget one to try first.any recommendations? I am more geared to bass n vocals.
  10. Relinquished


    Hey guys,I have a budget of 130 USD and im looking for a decent MP3 player. I live in the singapore and hopefully if i have a online shop which offers fast free or reliable shipping to singapore it would be good Looking at the Cowon D2 2gb on . any other recommendations? I have...