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  1. sclemmons

    Ray Samuels SR 71 - Does every headphone sound better with it.

    I had a thread asking what amp sounds best with an AKG 271, my new purchase from Todd. I do not know much about amps, but I am very pleased with the sound of my SR 71 on the AKG as well as the ER4S, as well as the Grado. Bass enough. Great highs and mids. These headphones are all different, but...
  2. sclemmons

    Amp for AKG 271s

    I did not want to step on Mr. Dillon's thread on the 240, but I had the same question. AKG271s under the tree for my 15 year old know it all. Harder than the 240 to drive. I have a RS SR71 which I am not ready to give away to my boy genius to scratch up or lose. What is a decent low cost amp for...
  3. sclemmons

    XM Online is giving me the BLUES

    I have been using XM online for a couple of weeks. Works great at the office on my new PC. Works on my Apple PB12 too, but only on Safari, not on Internet Explorer. And then only if I do not change the channel more than a couple of times. If I find a station I like and leave it there, it rocks...
  4. sclemmons

    iHome - Might be a good dedicated source?

    The "Headless" mac. Not sure what to expect, whether it is quiet, cheap or big enough capacity. But at $599 or whatever they are talking about at retail, I bet somebody will turn this into a dedicated audio server pretty quick.
  5. sclemmons

    Delicious Library for Mac

    Organize your cd's, dvd's, headphone collection, etc. For mac only. Check this out. It is a $40 library program which allows you to use an i sight camera to scan the bar code into your computer and it brings up the art and other information. Could enrich headphone listening on your computer if I...
  6. sclemmons

    Which travel dock and case for 4g 40 gig iPod?

    Does this group prefer the SIK or Pocket Docks? I need one of those for travel. Is the SIK or the Pocket the consensus favorite? Is the cable on the SIK DIN worth going for if you need an interconnect? Which case works best with your favorite? BTW, my first gen case works perfectly with...
  7. sclemmons

    New iPod - Line out one channel only

    My lovely wife got me a new 4g 40 gig iPod for my Bday. Plugged it in to see what all the fuss is about the line out and it only plays in one channel, whether I plug my ety straight in our try to use the mini plug i/c (Cable Pro "Ear Candy") to my SR71. Right channel only. I can push the plugs...
  8. sclemmons

    Nice E5C Review on Positive Feedback Site "An Earful" Positive writeup in Positive Feedback. By Max Dudious. Good stuff in the archives, too. FYI.
  9. sclemmons

    New Hi Resolution TI chip per Stereophile

    Not sure I follow this but it sounds exciting. Can one of you guys explain it to me? Is this a new op amp or what? On June 10, the technology giant announced a new high-performance headphone driver with specifications that make it ideal for use...
  10. sclemmons

    Does Apple lossless on 3G iPod avoid skippping?

    I have a first gen 5G iPod which I use with AAC320. I tried it with AIFF early on but I noted that it had a tendency to skip and eat battery life since the size of the song exceeds the size of the buffer. My unit is not compatible with the new Apple lossless encoding. While I am happy with my 5G...
  11. sclemmons

    Any iPod Bargains out there?

    I thought I read somewhere that you could get a 10G iPod from Apple for $199, but I don't see it on the website. Is that worth doing at the price?
  12. sclemmons

    New Review of Bithead posted May 18. Never heard of this site, but my brother sent it to me. The author takes an annoying tone but does a pretty good job.
  13. sclemmons

    Porta Corda II v. 2004 Total Airhead?

    The last thread on this subject died before anybody offered an answer. Forgive me for not taking the hint. Which of these portables is the one to get? I have considered both for use with an iPod or a laptop and ETY 4, but may get some more headphones as well. Both amps are available retail. TAH...
  14. sclemmons

    Todd is a guy you can trust

    I bought a pair of Grado SR60's for my 13 year old as an upgrade from his $20 Maxell's. I was prepared to go up from there, and even considered a pair of 125's to "share". Todd said "Go with the 60's, they will be the best headphones he has ever heard. Get the nicer 125s for YOU if you like" He...
  15. sclemmons

    Stillpoints ERS paper

    Bobby Palkovic of Merlin Music Systems recommends this product on his "BAM " equalization module because it makes the op amps sound better. It reduces RFI and EMI, or that is the claim anyway. I tried it and I agree you can hear the difference. I use an index card sized piece on several...