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  1. Sir Nobax

    Size of SA6 in-ear?

    Oh no, i just received my SA6's. But they have clearly been used. The seal of the package (the one with the earphones inside, which was in an other package) was broken, there where scratches on the traveling case, glue on one of the earphones and the silcon's seemed dirty. Awww . Well...
  2. Sir Nobax

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by ZarakiSan I'll try making a nice picture of the UE's, but my Sony X1 is indeed just a crappy Cameraphone :P I don't agree with that, when handled with care and patience the pictures taken with the Xperia are pretty good. Get some decent lightning...
  3. Sir Nobax

    My new 3 watt dead-silent USB Linux music server. Pics Added.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Planar_head 256mb of memory for windows isn't enough, even a striped down version. Nonsense, my stripped down WinXP installation (acting as a router) is consuming ~95MB (no swap) of RAM with most useless services still running. The installation is less...
  4. Sir Nobax

    Sound card advice

    CPU usage is indeed an non-issue, especially with the speed of any modern pc these days. I am using the EMU0404 for quite a while (an year and a half I think) and its still putting an smile on my face every time I turn it on and listen to the refined, fully controlled sound its able to send...
  5. Sir Nobax

    March 16th; Netherlands Meet @ Hans from Qables!!

    Good morning everyone ..... *looks at the time* ...AWW CRAP.. I'll be in Neunen a bit later then i planned to. (. . . why did they make bed's so damn comfy ) Around 13:30 ill be there according to, i hope you guys havent left already by then .
  6. Sir Nobax

    March 16th; Netherlands Meet @ Hans from Qables!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by utilisateur Is there a way someone could geta muziek smurf for me? Thank you Enoyin for offering a place at your table, that sounds great. maybe Sir Nobax wants to join seeing how space is getting constricted. Haha, you all are dividing table-space...
  7. Sir Nobax

    March 16th; Netherlands Meet @ Hans from Qables!!

    Hey there everybody . Whoah , alot of hi-end dynamic headphones this meet, awesome. I especially can't wait to hear the Beyer 990 ! ! Just another week of waiting! Ehm, before i forget to ask, i will take my Emu-0404 USB DAC with me, but i do not have a notebook myself. Is it possible to...
  8. Sir Nobax

    Poll: Date for Netherlands Head-Fi Meet 2008

    Okay, I finally voted . (both options are fine with me, i think, and it's "only" 2:30hr with public transport) Quote: Indeed! Been a while. What happened? Well, since I bought the EMU I can say that I am pretty satisfied with my PC-as-source rig, but still Head-Fi kept poking me...
  9. Sir Nobax

    X-Fi Elite Pro w/ EMU 0404 - Questions!

    I don't know about you guys, but using the EMU-0404 for games and especially with movies is IMO very pleasing. I even threw my Soundblaster Live! out of my new pc into some random hardware box lying around, since i was only using it for some crappy speakers, and onboard will do speakers just...
  10. Sir Nobax

    Poll: Date for Netherlands Head-Fi Meet 2008

    Hmm, long time no see all you headphone-loving people. At least not since "You last visited: 09-19-2007" according to the Welcome thingy. I see lots of things changed here (like, why all the smiley's are broken for one?), not so much in my 'audio rig' though, but ah well.... at least i...
  11. Sir Nobax

    Can't decide what soundcard to order...

    Just my idea, but external devices have a edge versus internal devices, since there is no presence of any digital noise, radio frequency/electromagnetic interference and other undesired things that camp in the internals of a pc. With my E-MU 0404USB i'm not even thinking of getting a extra...
  12. Sir Nobax

    Can't decide what soundcard to order...

    Quote: Originally Posted by IrfCore Onkyo SE-200PCI I'm also considering EMU 0404, so I don't need to be concerned about the sound for a few years? Thats is, if it's the same as the USB version... I don't need a external device, is EMU 0404 PCI and EMU 0404 USB the same? The...
  13. Sir Nobax

    Mic/Line/Hi-Z is on the 0404

    Quote: Originally Posted by con771 I've been reading a little but I am a bit confused as to what the Mic/Line/Hi-Z is on the 0404. Are the sort of universal inputs or outputs? In theory its just a amp-able line in. Quote: Originally Posted by con771 Are they...
  14. Sir Nobax

    Why boost the spdif input ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by goodsound I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to do here. I am sorry I have to say that if you dont have any constructive feedback or a convincing technical explanation about the subject on hand I suggest you stay out of this thread. What...
  15. Sir Nobax

    DT 770 and EMU0404

    The E-MU 0404 USB will do 32Ohm fine, but you would be WAY better of with the 250Ohm DT. I would buy a Amp instead of the E-MU in your case, or try to trade the 32Ohm DT770 for a 250Ohm version.
  16. Sir Nobax

    Is copper warmer because of signal loss?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dura Part of the problem is, the difference between f.i. ugly and beautiful sometimes can't be put into numbers, and if you can, that number can be surprisingly small, take red wine f.i. What substances are you gonna measure, and how are you going to...
  17. Sir Nobax

    Is copper warmer because of signal loss?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kwkarth Respect others. Don't get me wrong, i really do respect all your opinions. And i am only pointing to the fact that a theoretic explanation isn't that hard to create and would get rid of such 'objective' threads.
  18. Sir Nobax

    Is copper warmer because of signal loss?

    I always love these "YES" "NO" "YES" "NO", discussions. It is very easy to test if cables make a difference, just ask headroom to re-test the frequency (+ all other) graphs with a other cable. Until the day I see such results I think all is in your head. Btw, it is fun to see that a...
  19. Sir Nobax

    the iGrado versus the akg k81dj!!

    The K81DJ aint worth 30 bucks if you'd asked me. I am pretty sure the ES7 are a big improvement. The K81 is just 100% bloated, undefined, artificial base. I don't like it one bit.
  20. Sir Nobax

    HD650 Bass head owner needs help

    Buy a amp with a 'Bass' and 'Crossfeed' knob. I cannot recommend any, but i am sure there are others who can.
  21. Sir Nobax

    Soundcard and heaphones calibration

    Why not just wait for the stuff, listen to it 'out of the box' and remember it will be "the best possible". (unless you can configure it to be bit-perfect) EQ'ing is a bad thing (since the music has been EQ'ed more then enough already, thats why modern pop music sounds like Sh!t), and digital...
  22. Sir Nobax

    Soundcard and heaphones calibration

    Sound isn't defined only by the signature frequency response, there are a 1001 variables which can make your rig sound different then a other one. If you can EQ a headphone to perfection, all headphones would have a little DSP integraded with the needed EQ-effects to make it perfectly flat...
  23. Sir Nobax

    Ultimate wav Player for Windows

    LMAO *cough* dsp effects *cough*
  24. Sir Nobax

    Best Speakers for Mac!!

    Why would speakers sound/handle different on a Mac? Same question for the C2D.
  25. Sir Nobax

    Couple of EMU 0404 USB questions.

    You can always EQ the 'Ssssss' away. (says "he who dislikes DSP'ing")