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  1. jerry1130

    Sennheiser HD700 order page up on B&H Photo

    Looks like the order page is up on B&H Photo with the price of $999 and march release.
  2. jerry1130

    Jessica Alba with Shure E5c

    Here are couple pictures of Jessica sporting E5c
  3. jerry1130

    Halo2 Leaked! Looks like I'll get to play Halo2 tonight, I'll still buy it when it comes out though.
  4. jerry1130

    Dynahi Case

    Does any body know where Justin get his case made? I was looking at the case for the Blue Hawaii, with little moddification we should be able to make it work. Any more ideas?
  5. jerry1130

    fluke 87

    Hi, just got a like new condition fluke 87 dmm off ebay with buy it now for $85, my thought it was a great deal, what do you guys think? and my second question is what is the difference between fluke 87 and 87III, I looked on fluke's website but couldn't find any info. Thanks!
  6. jerry1130

    Please help with my PPA

    First of all, I am planing to using Vishay Dale resistors, but I don't know what ohm to get, and if I should use the same ones on the whole board. The second question is what JEFT I should use in Q1,2,3 to bias the op-amps into a, I am using OPA627 for ground and OPA637 for left and right.
  7. jerry1130

    Just got my HD595 for $191 shipped!

    My Senn HD959 was shipped this morning form JandR after I price matched, it took a little time, but the good folks over at JandR decided to give me the price match even though that had them on back-stock. So any of you want to save 60 dollars on a new pair of 959, try it out.
  8. jerry1130

    best price for senn 600

    I am in the market for a Sennheiser HD600, I looked all over the net and the best price I could find was around 250 for a new pair.I am hearing some people is getting them for as low as 180, does anybody know a site that has a good price on these?