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  1. RobLikesBrunch

    Looking for earbuds for my Nexus One.

    As the title says. I dislike using my headphones as they're open, large, and I can't stand the damn 6.3 to 3.5 adapters. So I'm looking for a good pair of earbuds, not IEMs (I find them extremely uncomfortable and simply don't want to deal with the wax, etc). Budget is $75-200. I've done zero...
  2. RobLikesBrunch

    The key to better audio is a hair cut.

    Pavement's "Cut Your Hair" seems strangely appropriate here.
  3. RobLikesBrunch

    need help with first audiophile setup

    Quote: Originally Posted by bcwang I think the Icon HDP will be perfect for you then. How does the Icon HDP compare to a HeadRoom Micro DAC + Micro Amp? Also, I'm wondering--despite the Icon's built in amp--if its sound quality would noticeably improve if it were paired with the...
  4. RobLikesBrunch

    Help me make my first big high end purchase

    Noise-cancelling ******** aside, What about the Grado SR325is? Snoop around this thread for more information: I know they somewhat fail your criteria and are open, but they sound so bloody fantastic ;_;
  5. RobLikesBrunch

    Your thoughts on "new" but previously worn cans...

    Stop it with your blatant materialism.
  6. RobLikesBrunch

    Logitech z-2300

    Quote: Originally Posted by yeahman67 I called logitech and the person said the speakers do have mids, and said that people who play them at intensely high volumes cause the speakers to blow their mids out. This seems quite believable because the speakers are "Thx Certified," and a...
  7. RobLikesBrunch

    why do people dislike itunes?

    Quote: Originally Posted by The-One Apple = Gutanamo Bay Linux = organized anarchy.
  8. RobLikesBrunch

    why do people dislike itunes?

    Rhythmbox remains my player of choice. It's open-source, has built-in GNOME notifications, very simple, actively watches folders for content, plays every format imaginable, has built-in support. It actively & automatically fetches album art. Linux only!
  9. RobLikesBrunch

    Looking for a USB DAC + amp to pair with SR325is's

    I've searched around the forums and have found a few DACs but I still feel lost. The Maverick D1 seems like a great deal for $200 and it includes an amp. The KECES DA-151 also seems good...a bit pricey, and I may have to skimp a little on an amp if I buy it. The Audio-GD FUN looks great as...
  10. RobLikesBrunch

    Looking for a USB DAC + amp to pair with SR325is's

    As the title says. I'm heading off to college soon and will be switching over from my desktop to a Lenovo T410s, which means no Xonar STX (which is what I'm using currently, both as a DAC and amp). I'll primarily be using my SR325is's and occasionally HD595s--I do not plan on upgrading my...
  11. RobLikesBrunch

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Quote: Originally Posted by johnsteveen Actually what happen with ma m3 card, when i was transfering ma data to ma laptop, its battery gone out. when i start it again i lost ma playlist from new m3 card. So i am not listening nothing now a days, just try to find some online backup...
  12. RobLikesBrunch

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    He lured me back! As long as don't attempt to decipher the lyrics, I should be okay. Edit: but I must confess that this may be the only album where I've thought to myself "jesus, what a fuсking masterpiece"--I know this is blunt and ragged, but necessarily so (and in ironic stark contrast to...
  13. RobLikesBrunch

    All ready having Issues with asus xonar essence stx

    This problem isn't specific to the STX. I had the same problem when I bought the game and I completely forget how I solved it, nor am I willing to figure it out for you. Head over to the BioWare forums and look around--in the game's early days, it was quite the prominent problem.
  14. RobLikesBrunch

    What sound card to pick?

    Quote: Originally Posted by XpanD Hmm... Will the ST or STX do for gaming though? I heard there's a good few sound issues with EAX-supported games, which kinda scares me off there. Music and movie quality seems to be awesome though (though I'm wondering whether I'll notice that much...
  15. RobLikesBrunch

    What sound card to pick?

    The STX or the ST are pretty much unmatched at the $200 price point, especially considering the built-in amp. I realize that three GPUs will take up a lot of space (and to me, really don't make sense whatsoever due to the high inefficiency of both CrossFireX and SLI...the third card will...
  16. RobLikesBrunch

    Music and Math

    Aside from the masses of other applications, Fourier series are often used in harmonic analysis to provide functions for waves using infinite series combined with trigonometry: Fourier series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia / 5. Harmonic Analysis You do need a working understanding of...
  17. RobLikesBrunch

    Converting 128kbps.mp3 to 320kbps

    Quote: Originally Posted by indie_obsessed Hey thanks! so i guess there isn't any quick and easy way to increase the quality of the music in my ipod, then. or is there? Do you not realize how absurd it is to think that you can go from something that is low quality, change its...
  18. RobLikesBrunch

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Is there any easy fix to make these more comfortable? My ears hurt like crazy after using them for a few hours. My HD595s felt so much better
  19. RobLikesBrunch

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Quote: Originally Posted by the_equalizer Oh man, you just made me feel old !! Nah, I'm just young. :P I'm listening to State Radio -- Us Against the Crown
  20. RobLikesBrunch

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    I just got my SR325is in the mail. I had been using an HD595 paired with the Xonar STX. The HD595s were really the only "good" pair of headphones I've ever listened to so something to compare to is a welcome change. The Grados are surprising. They are much more forward and aggresive and the...
  21. RobLikesBrunch

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Quote: Originally Posted by the_equalizer Blues Traveler - Four That was the first album I ever listened to. I was four or something; but I still have it! Everyone loves "Run-Around".
  22. RobLikesBrunch

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    I just bought the album. At first I couldn't stand Matt Berninger's baritone--but I'm warming up to it and am starting to really enjoy it. Repetition is rather strange.
  23. RobLikesBrunch

    Great Albums for headphone listening??

    It's refreshingly basic and straightforward: Thomas Cunningham & The Locofocos -- Swell Here's a preview: Unfortunately, it isn't "great" but it is a lot of fun.
  24. RobLikesBrunch

    Lady GaGa

    Quote: Originally Posted by hardRAWKR I don't understand why people think she has any talent or that she is different from all of the same old horrible pop. It's annoyingly catchy and not original at all. If she is making a new style it's certainly not a good one. IMHO What...
  25. RobLikesBrunch

    Lady GaGa

    I say we put our awfully pedantic classifications of "good" music vs. "oh-so-horrid popular" music aside and simply listen to what we like. If you like a given artist you shouldn't be unsettled to the point that you have to create a thread to ask if it's "proper" for someone of your demographic...