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  1. davidd

    Creative Zen Stone

    It looks like a great value compared to the iPod shuffle for someone that wants a basic player. I just read pcmag's review of it and two small issues I would have with it are no support for subscription services and the start up time, neither are that important to most people though.
  2. davidd

    ipod photo

    the 4G iPod photo was originally released in 40GB and 60GB models. Apple then changed the 40GB model to 30GB and used a single platter drive making the player thinner. then they gave color displays to the iPod and discontinued the iPod photo. Those color screen iPod's came in 20GB and 60GB models.
  3. davidd

    LAME mp3 converter?

    and yes, the Zune will not play FLAC's (or any other lossless format for that matter), but it's still very beneficial to rip your music to FLAC or another lossless format as that makes it very easy to convert to multiple bitrates and lossy formats quickly.
  4. davidd

    Do iPod's play NeroAAC files gaplessly?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rain_uk It will convert to any format from any format, and will let you select any quality/bitrate you wish, worth a look? And ticking the gapless box does work, I use it everyday at the moment.. I hope however you decide to do your thing that it goes...
  5. davidd

    Do iPod's play NeroAAC files gaplessly?

    Thanks, but I don't want to convert my FLAC's to another lossless format. I want to convert them to AAC to replace my MP3's for use on my portable players and notebook. and srozzman, are you sure that would work? because you don;t have to do that with MP3's and iTunes-encoded AAC's for them...
  6. davidd

    Got myself a Zune! Whoa!!

    yeah, the actual Zune hardware player won't play WMA-Lossless, just the software. which is weird, since the Gigabeat S does, and the Zune is based on that.
  7. davidd

    LAME mp3 converter?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ZackP really, well what should i do to best improve the sound quality? rip from the original cd or a lossless back up of it to the higher bitrate mp3.
  8. davidd

    Do iPod's play NeroAAC files gaplessly?

    I feel like moving from my MP3's to higher bitrate AAC's (sourced from my FLAC collection of course) and am probably going to use NeroAAC's encoder but searching the internet isn't giving me a straight answer on whether or not iTunes/iPod will play them gaplessely. some results say they...
  9. davidd

    LAME mp3 converter?

    you do know that raising the bitrate of a mp3 isn't going to improve the quality any and will just result in a larger file size right? but foobar2000's converter plus Lame3.97 would do it easily and for free.
  10. davidd

    Reccomend me a music service...

    iTunes' uses 128K AAC at the moment, but starting next month they will be offering tracks from EMI at 256K AAC (and DRM Free) for an extra $0.30 (or albums for the normal price) Though the only online music download services I personally think are worth using at all would be subscription...
  11. davidd

    Archiving and transcoding from Flac to mp3

    I use EAC to rip to FLAC. and I ten use foobar2000's converter to make AAC or MP3 versions of those. works great and is pretty easy to do.
  12. davidd

    D-SLR, Canon vs Nikon, Why???

    I started with a Nikon D50 and thought it was great, but recently switched to a Rebel XTi, but really only because I wasn't that invested in Nikon lenses yet and liked a lot of things about the XTi more compared to the D50 or the D80 I was also interested in. I would also suggest you try out...
  13. davidd

    Zune owners: a couple of questions

    the screen would probably scratch as easily as the iPod's. and no, with the Zune your stuck with only Windows support, and can only use the Zune player software to transfer music.
  14. davidd

    My experience with the first generation iPod nano 1GB connected to Shure E4C

    #2 seems pretty weird to me, I keep both my iPod's at rather low volume settings and they sound loud enough for me with my e4's.
  15. davidd

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0

    I've played with the trials of both Lightroom and Aperture and so far I like Lightroom more, mainly because the interface is more appealing to me and performance is better on my MacBook (2GHz Core Duo, 2GB RAM), and it's cheaper as well which is always a plus.
  16. davidd

    What's the fastest speed you've traveled in a car?

    fastest I've ever driven myself was 100mph in my Mustang GT, have did that plenty of times, but never above, as there is just not enough space on the only roads around here I even think about severly speeding on *has never gotten a speeding ticket... yet* as a passenger, the fastest in a car...
  17. davidd

    Anyone else feels their Ipod gets scratched RIDICULOUSLY EASY?

    yeah, they do scratch way to easily. if you want to get a case, iSkin and Agent18 make good ones.
  18. davidd

    iPod 5g 60/80gb battery life

    you wouldn't get anything with FLAC's, as the iPod's do not support that format (well, they do if you want to run Rockbox on it I guess, but using Rockbox will kill your battery life a lot)
  19. davidd

    best mp3 player ? (regarding SQ only)

    Quote: Originally Posted by gen G Looking into buying my 1st MP3 player. In terms of SQ, can someone advice me how does the latest iPod Video stack up against the Nano? My tracks are all 320 WAV files. Both models are ridiculously well made compared to anything out there. 320...
  20. davidd

    Poll: Your Public Transportation in Your City

    There isn't any public transportation here really. My University does have quite a few buses for getting around the campus though, I had to use them twice so far and they weren't that bad, just extremely crowded one time.
  21. davidd

    is wma lossless better then mp3 320 cbr?

    I did read up on it when the Zune first came out, which is where I got the info about the Zune not playing WMA-Lossless, and the Zune's official site seems to agree with that as do the Topic Creator's results. btw, Apple's players have supported a compressed lossless format for a pretty long...
  22. davidd

    is wma lossless better then mp3 320 cbr?

    that is most likely right probably
  23. davidd

    is wma lossless better then mp3 320 cbr?

    yep, the Zune only supports WMA-Lossless in the sence that it can convert them to a compatible format (much like the Zune's "support" of H.264) oddly, Toshiba's Gigabeat S, which the Zune is based off of does support WMA-Lossless. don''t know why they took it out of the Zune.
  24. davidd

    Ripping Music Preferences

    what settings you use depends on your drive, but generally, yes EAC's Secure mode (which you should use) is quite a bit slower than other rippers. I have a Plextor PX708A and can use the -usefua switch in EAC so my speeds are more than fast enough for me
  25. davidd going to 6.99

    I didn't get the email either, ofcourse I rarely ever get a Queue Shipment Confirm email from them half the time either, which is another issue I have with them.