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  1. camote

    Canal Phones for Rap and R&B

    What would be a good pair of headphones for rap and r&b? I was thinking about the ex71s, but does anyone else have any suggestions?
  2. camote

    Portable Basshead Earphones

    In a similar thread to this, I am looking for a truly portable set of earphones. They must be open (thus eliminating canalphones) and must be portable. So basically, a set of basshead earphones (MX400 style) or clipons (KSC-35 style). So far, I have tried the MX400 (which did not have enough...
  3. camote

    School Headphones

    I need a headphone that I can use in class. This means that they need to be small enough so that the teacher won't see them when I use them in class. I would also like to be able to use them at home. My sources are going to be my MD player and my computer. I would prefer an open phone...
  4. camote

    Portable Player Recommendation

    Hi. I am looking for a portable that will give me lots of space, but at a cheap price ($200?). I was thinking about getting one of the older MD players. I don't mind having to play and record at the same time but is there a more effiecient method? I want to do this because all my audio is in...
  5. camote

    MX400 Pads

    Where can I get a replacement. Darn things always keep falling off.
  6. camote

    Which Headphones

    Hey. I am looking to get new headphones. I listen to mainly rap, and hip-hop. I am looking for something that is only single entry (one cord). Open/closed doesn't matter to me. I am currently using Jensen headphones, so pretty much anything is an improvement. Price wise, let's limit it to...
  7. camote

    Small Player

    What's a good player that has AT LEAST 256 MB? It also needs to be small. The headphones don't have to be good, because I have a replacement anyways. Also, nothing too expensive.
  8. camote

    Stealth Headphones

    Hi. I am looking for a pair of stealth headphones so that I can use at school, without getting noticed by a teacher. I am currently using the stock headphones that came with my MD player.
  9. camote

    Rap and Hip Hop Headphones

    Hi. I like listening to rap and hip-hop. What headphones would you recommend (<$100)? Closed or open doesn't matter.