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    ​try any of them?
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    emotivas new stealth 8 powered monitors any impressions?

    ah okay... cause i was gonna say i doubt at that distance speakers of that size become a point source adequately.  but yeah, as general loudspeakers for the whole room that would work.
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    "Budget" DAC with Volume Control?

      Hi.  Thanks for the suggestions.   The Audioengine suggestion is a good example of my problem--I can't find anywhere stating whether the line-outs are volume controlled (i think most are not).  That's why googling was fruitless.  Remember I wouldn't have a problem if the norm was to be...
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    "Budget" DAC with Volume Control?

    thanks .  looks pretty good.  i don't suppose there are other choices people recommend?
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    i've had a lot of bourbon and scotch over the last few years and i'd have to say, Oban is my very least liked of them all.   if you're nearby i'd give you my bottle ha ha.   costco has sales on oban once or twice a year, i believe for < $50?  something like that.  last time i saw a girl...
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    When did you last have an eargasm?

    Quote: Originally Posted by PinkFloyd Until this evening I hadn't had a good eargasm for about 6 months..... just had a pretty intense one listening to Jah Shaka - Kumbia Dub My first eargasm since I stopped drinking and, in true eargasm stylee, the hairs on the back of my neck stood...
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    Do you want the metric system in the USA?

    best reason to go metric:... so you don't have to buy 2 sets of sockets and wrenches. (snapon has made a fortune off of me. )
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    Finally; NEW Massive Attack album "Heligoland" coming in Feb:

    just put in my preordered with thanks for letting me know.
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    Etymotic 4s vs. 4p?

    hi... thanks for all the suggestions! gonna try them out after i take a shower.... Quote: Try a different source. ...thanks... but mine's pretty good. the problem is probably with me it seems............ thus........ Quote: If you push them in too far/too fast you'll end...
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    equinox cable for akg k271s

    hi. i heard that the 271s and other "s"'s use a mini-XLR? ...anyone know where i can buy these plugs?
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    How are you budgeting for the economy?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Spareribs Since the economy is not that great, what are you sacrificing? For me, I am taking less weekend trips and eating out less. I hate doing this because it will mean more boring Sundays. Also more of the same food and less variety. I refuse to eat...
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    Absolute best external CD-ROM/RW for ripping audio CDs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jaska Plextor PX-230A. In my opinion, it cannot be beat. just bought the px-240a/sw-bl from newegg. you guys were right--eac is incredible. it even made cds that clicked in my cd players sound better. nice! but unfortunately i had to rip some cds many...
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    Around 50$ portable sport headphones (neckband prefered)

    Quote: Originally Posted by athenaesword there're better options other than pmx100 if you're not looking for sports phones imo. anyway, i just got my senn omx70 yesterday. the reason why i don't do the neckband stuff is cus i gym with these, and i don't want it pressing against my...
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    Absolute best external CD-ROM/RW for ripping audio CDs?

    cds aren't scratched--some are brand new, read for first time. it's not the clicking sound you get from scratched cds. it does this sharp sound ever ~1s or so, in varying volumes during certain tracks. sometimes it's more pronounced. varies. i get the same effect from some stand-alone cd...
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    Absolute best external CD-ROM/RW for ripping audio CDs?

    Hi! I've recently bought an ipod and wanted to rip all my CDs, but the stock internal CD-ROM I got is not cutting it. Even with error correction and all I still get clicks and noise on certain CDs. So, I'm looking for an external CD-ROM (or rewriteable) or DVD-ROM/RW, to be connected via USB...
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    burn in - facts !!

    Quote: Originally Posted by amanieux 1/ do people that say that burn-in improved their headphones, made measures ( like putting a microphone before and after and compare waves on their computer ? 2/ do people that say that that burn-in improved their headphones, made a comparison with...
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    Apogee Digital Cable

    Quote: Originally Posted by Michgelsen Have you ever used them for analog? If so, how do they perform that way? no, sorry. they're not made for analog anyway, though probably won't have much of a difference. shielding might be a little different between analog and digital...
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    does type of solder matter?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ueyteuor maybe this is an extreme audiophile kind of thing, but does the type of solder matter when soldering on a cable to a plug?? what about flux, is it bad to use flux on cables?? probably not, but i personally use the WBT silver solder for all my...
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    Apogee Digital Cable

    well, i use the cables (have both spdif and aes/ebu versions) in my own studio. can't say it makes any difference, performance-wise. but they definitely are high quality.
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    Let's all stop swearing on the forums

    Quote: Originally Posted by Assorted Let me cite one of the Head-fi TOS/Rules: So, as a fellow member I'm asking to please stop typing obscenities with the asterisks to circumvent the filter. It's really annoying, and sometimes the flaming back-and-forth that happens occasionally...
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    Sports car advice: Rx-8 or 350Z (used, 14-18k to spend)?

    Quote: Originally Posted by catscratch I'm in the market for a used sports car, and I would like to hear some advice. I'm not an experienced car buyer and am only beginning to become an automotive enthusiast. Half a year ago I almost talked myself into buying an S2000, helped by some...
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    88 awd camry or 92 acura legend

    Quote: Originally Posted by no1likesme Screw reliability! If you want a corvette buy one. It is worth the money to have a car that you like instead of just some generic econobox. Also if style is not a big priority a fox body mustang can be had for very cheap. The aftermarket is so...
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    88 awd camry or 92 acura legend

    i'm a little late here... but just wanted to say that you should never buy any used "luxury" car if you're under a heavy budget. most luxury cars have relatively extreme maintenance costs. and cars that old WILL have problems. and stay away from performance-oriented cars as well. only buy such...
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    Topgear back!

    Quote: Originally Posted by m_memmory Which test? I've seen most of the shows from all over the different series and they constantly point out how some cars don't have the speed that they expect or that others are actually faster then the stats would seem to state (the brand new...
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    Topgear back!

    yeah, that guy. i mean, if you know one of their so called comparison tests was bogus, how could you trust any of their opinions?