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  1. Luke

    The Perfect DAP

    ...does not exist. And that amazes me. How can that be? With all the technological advances, nobody wants to make the perfect player. Besides the usual amenities, show me one player: that will play lossless files that has infra-red remote capability Answer: None I could make...
  2. Luke

    New Creative JB3 for $149.99

    This offer has been up for about 2 hours as of this post:
  3. Luke

    SHURE stands behind their product

    My E1c's had a problem -- the apparent volume in the right ear piece dropped by about half. I sent them in to Shure for repair, knowing the standard charge for repair was $55. I got a call from them, offering me an upgrade to a new pair of E3c's for the same $55, with the standard accessories...
  4. Luke

    Hey Mr. DAPper, JB3 Question...

    Reading through some of the older threads, I see you seem to know a lot about DAPs and you seem to like the JB3 a lot, which is a good thing since I own one. My question is regarding the output quality of the lineout. I've been reading some of the reviews on the JB3 provided through your sig...