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  1. Dan the audioman

    ATH M50 Expectations?

    The more I listen to these things the more I am impressed. I hope its not the fact that Ive been sheltered from good audio quality for so many years, but either way, ignorance is bliss right?!   It seems Im not the only one who is loving these cans so there must certainly be some truth to...
  2. Dan the audioman

    ATH M50 Expectations?

    Wow, I dont know where to start...   I took a long hiatus from all this audiophile whatnot when I went off to college (had to sell all my gear for funds). So with that said I have been getting by with crappy headphones for awhile now.   I realized the other day that i didnt like my shure...
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  5. Dan the audioman

    Just Got My G5 Ipod!

    Quote: Originally Posted by wnewport So could you watch a full length video and not be terribly annoyed? I plan on ordering a 30gb black tomorrow. I have already started converting Ali G into mpeg4. I watch movies on my 5g all the time now and I love it. I watch at school and...
  6. Dan the audioman

    Any experience with iStyles FabriX iPod pouches?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bob_McBob After you're finished slipping it in ( ), could you take some photos of how the 5G fits inside, and also of the internal material? It would be good to get some impressions of the case in general, too. Sure thing! I was actually planning on it...
  7. Dan the audioman

    Any experience with iStyles FabriX iPod pouches?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bob_McBob Am I the only one who laughed out loud? Har Har! I just found out today that my ipod has been shipped and that I will also have the fabrix case within 48 hours. wOOt!
  8. Dan the audioman

    Any experience with iStyles FabriX iPod pouches?

    I love these cases a lot too. I want to get one for my 5g when it arrives...if it ever does... Unfortuneately when I looked on the site most of the cases weren't in stock. Did the the guy you emailed say anything about that? I hope they get more because I really like the monogrey one as...
  9. Dan the audioman

    DIY nano case

    Thats pretty neat. I think that I might have to put together something when my 5g ipod arrives after my week of waiting for apple send it! Thanks for giving me some inspiration. Regards, Dan
  10. Dan the audioman

    5th Gen. Ipod (finally)

    Regardless of whether or not the 5g iPod is video compatible or not I will be purchasing one soon. I hope that the price will be somewhere around $350, that would be ideal. Even if this ipod cannot play videos speculation has shown that it will most likely be smaller than the current ipods and...
  11. Dan the audioman

    Wooden Nano Case

    Quote: Originally Posted by Taphil Too bad the headphone hole looks like it'll only fit the small nano earbud headphone jack. So much for all your guys' fancy stuff Funny you should say that. I was thinking the same thing when I posted it. I only wish that apply offered...
  12. Dan the audioman

    Wooden Nano Case

    This is for all you nano users out there. Rock out with your nano with class! The iWood Nano If I ended up getting a nano before I saw that a new 80gig videoPod might emerge, I would definetely get this. Looks very well crafted. Regards, Dan
  13. Dan the audioman

    New Ipod might come out this month...

    Quote: Originally Posted by chrisfromalbany If this is what the 5th gen ipod is going to look like, I'm down. I like how this looks, the big screen and all... I've been waiting for the perfect upgrade from my 4th gen black...
  14. Dan the audioman

    stupid question in desperate need of an answer

    Thanks i already fixed it. I put in a 3.3k resistor and it works great. Thanks for the quick help! Regards, Dan
  15. Dan the audioman

    stupid question in desperate need of an answer

    Ok, so I'm wiring this "trigger box" for my pneumatic potato gun...hehe. Anyway I have three 9 volt batteries in a series to provide the necessary power to activate the air release valve. I want an LED to come on when I flip a certain "safety switch". However, whenever I wire it up, the LED...
  16. Dan the audioman

    This new toy is hot!

    Quote: Originally Posted by abc I'm a sales guy too...if I feel that something is crap, I let people know. So I make a few less dollars but I can sleep soundly at night. Maybe somebody can mod it by sticking Grado ear pieces in that thing. I wish I could do that, but seeing as I...
  17. Dan the audioman

    This new toy is hot!

    We sell them at the ski shop I work at. I tried them out...they sound nasty. Everytime someone asks to buy one or look at it, I just want to tell them, "Don't do it! they sound like crap!" but of course I cannot. But we have sold all but one of our stock. Regards, Dan
  18. Dan the audioman

    Texas DUI (funny vid inside!)

    LMAO!!! That was great. Thank you stephonovich! Wow I've never seen anyone go from Z to A...let alone drunk! Thanks for that good laugh. I needed that to break some of the pain of late night studying. Regards, Dan
  19. Dan the audioman

    Portable bag for ipod and sr-71?

    Its by audio-technica. Here is the link to it. It works amazing and for its $25 pricetag its a steal. Regards, Dan
  20. Dan the audioman

    most comfortable headphone?

    I always thought that the DT880's were really fricken comfy. I like the senn HD600 too...more ventilated than the beyers. Regards, Dan
  21. Dan the audioman

    SR-71 amping senn HD600's??

    Hey everyone. I've always been a fan of the the HD600's with the equinox cable I kind of did a spontaneous thing last night and bought a new pair of HD600's off ebay. I plan on later buying an equinox cable too. But here's my question: How will it all sound out of the SR-71. I know...
  22. Dan the audioman

    How bad is smoke for headphones?

    Hell yea team smoke outside.../in cars, and on chairlifts... LOL <<<<<< incase you didn't notice, my bunny friend over there likes to smoke too...LOL
  23. Dan the audioman

    Just got my iPod shuffle....

    Quote: Originally Posted by kin0kin oh man, that really screws up the shuffle's sleek design i'd rather have a really small lcd at the side instead. ditto. just a simple one line display that scrolls the song name would be perfect. Nevertheless, I am still a fan of this new...
  24. Dan the audioman

    anyone dislike the ETYs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ServinginEcuador Absolutely brilliant way to describe the sound of the Etys!! Agreed. I love their transparency, clarity and detail, but i dislike how they can sound aritficial. I also dislike their lack of bass, and of course their comfort (more...
  25. Dan the audioman

    I always find the ER4's green barrel a bit weird so...

    Nice! I've wanted to do something like that for awhile but I never got around to it. Now you'll fit in better with when you out in the public. Regards, Dan