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  1. amb

    AMB is temporarily down

    Dear friends, is currently down due to a problem at the ISP. Unfortunately it is taking a long time for them to fix it. I’m very upset that it has taken so long without resolution, and it appears that it will be down for maybe another several days. The level of service I’m receiving...
  2. amb

    Official 2014 Bay Area Meet - SUNDAY - Feb 16th, 2014 Impressions thread

    Since no one has created a new thread for the meet that happened yesterday, I took the liberty to start one here. Anyway, it was another great meet. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. Here is a gallery of photos I took at the event: Enjoy!
  3. amb

    HOWTO: BJT sanity check tutorial

    I posted the info here and at headwize in the past, but it gets buried in threads and hard to search for, so I wrote a new one with more details and illustrations, and made it a sticky topic at my forum. I hope this is helpful info for any of you troubleshooting a circuit with discrete BJTs...
  4. amb

    Class X or Y caps for ground loop breaker

    Someone sent me a direct email asking about how to identify capacitors with class X or Y rating, suitable for use in a ground loop breaker. I accidentally deleted the mail and thus cannot reply directly, so I'll answer here. These are high voltage polyester film type, but are usually listed...
  5. amb

    Burning Amp Festival - October 18, 2009

    Anyone else attending this year's Burning Amp Festival? I plan to bring my β24, β22, γ1, γ2, Mini³, θ19 speakers, LCDuino-1 prototype, and other stuff. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is an audio DIYer's event not to be missed. Actually, a lot of people from other countries...
  6. amb

    The LCDuino-1 I/O processor

    Last update: April 25, 2010 News - April 25, 2010: All future announcements and updates for the LCDuino-1 and related app modules (δ1 relay-based attenuator, δ2 relay-based input/output selector, and others) have moved to the new AMB DIY audio forum. We have an entire forum category...
  7. amb

    NorCal Summer Meet Saturday 6/28/2008 impressions

    NorCal Summer Meet Saturday 6/28/2008 impressions The meet hasn't even started yet as I type this, but I figure'd why not jump the gun and start this thread. EDIT: Oops. Looks like there is already a thread here -> EDIT2: OK...
  8. amb

    ε24: Power switch driver circuit

    Any interest in a circuit that lets you use momentary switches (such as the attractive Bulgin vandal-resistant pushbuttons) as the main power switch of an amp or other device? Here is a solution that also has a couple of extra features thrown in. HeadWize: DIY Workshop > ε24: Power switch...
  9. amb

    β24: A discrete, cascoded, fully-differential power amplifier

    I just posted my latest project, basically a β22 on steroids, as a dedicated speaker amp, with a few new twists thrown in: HeadWize: DIY Workshop > β24: A discrete, cascoded, fully-differential power amplifier Have a look!
  10. amb

    DMM frequency response test results

    I made this post on headwize which may be of interest to head-fi DIYers who don't frequent headwize often.
  11. amb

    PSpice model for 2SK170 and 2SJ74?

    Does anyone have, or links to PSpice models for the 2SK170 and 2SJ74 jfets? I've been using the J210 and J270 as a substitute but they aren't the actual devices I'm going to use... I'd be especially interested in the models for these in the -BL Idss class. Google search yielded a 2SK170 model...
  12. amb

    M³ amplifier build discussions thread

    Now that people are beginning to receive their boards and parts, it's good time to close out the "M³ project announcement" thread and start anew here. Have fun building your new amps! Must-read links for builders: amb's M³ site Morsel's M³ site
  13. amb

    Introduction and my new SDS Labs headphone amp

    Hi all, I just registered in these forums although I have been a long-time DIY audio fan. It's good to see many enthusiasts here engaged in the same art and science. Anyway, I have just completed my rendition of the SDS Labs headphone amp. A photo is included below, more pics and info are...