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  1. Karnitool12

    [Feedback] Regarding the new changes made to Head-fi (Dec 2015)

    Because the navigation bar is placed so close to the advertisement I can't help but run the mouse over it occasionally, then the add. enlarges and I have to X it out . Also sometimes the add. won't close, leaving it covering up the navigation bar. Ever since the site has been updating it has...
  2. Karnitool12

    Recommendations for complementary headphones or an all-arounder?

    Ya open or closed is fine I always leaned for metal with closed because it's what I'm used to but as time goes on I just want the best overall quality for my desired sound sig. What's a good amp for the 650? 
  3. Karnitool12

    Recommendations for complementary headphones or an all-arounder?

     Wonderful thank you for your impressions. What amp has good synergy with the 650, preferably a dac combo that isn't super pricey (500$ or less) Also how do you think the NightHawk would do for what I am looking for??? Thanks again.
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  5. Karnitool12

    Recommendations for complementary headphones or an all-arounder?

    Thanks that post did look a little too dense and intimidating at first. I'm going to read up on the AKG's now. Funny you mention STAX I was just told from Music Alchemist to really consider them..pricey but could be worth the investment. I really wanted the NAD's. Are they slow at all?? I mean...
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  9. Karnitool12

    Mr. Speakers Mad Dog 3.0 - 3.2 Amp Pairing Recommendation/Discussion Thread

    Im aware, I would prefer a DAC/AMP combo, non portable or portable around the 300 dollar range. I already own the E17.. and im thinking about pairing it with the E09k, instead of the E12 standing alone... or the E12 with the E17 combo.. Also I dont know much about the dac/amp Ibasso d12 ana...
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  11. Karnitool12

    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Does sq get affected when needing to use 12 gain..? Have you thought about comparing the 400's to the a900x instead of the ah900x?
  12. Karnitool12

    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    How about the E17?!? 
  13. Karnitool12


    are they still neutralish... a lot of sibilance or are the highs tiring?? Im looking into purchasing the He-400s mostly for ambient/psytrance/prog-alt rock/metal.  I was hoping they were neutral with great soundstage, fast, somewhat forgiving, and good bass response for an open...?
  14. Karnitool12

    New Boards of Canada album "Tomorrow's Harvest" coming out June 11

    How about new Eluvium   -Nightmare Ending?! Also super excited for new Shpongle this year :)
  15. Karnitool12

    Beyer 880 vs Denon 5000?

    and i dont wanna hear anything bout grados here lol
  16. Karnitool12

    Beyer 880 vs Denon 5000?

    What if you listen mostly to metal,hardrock,prog,alernative, electronic (downtemp, ambient), post rock.... Im thinking the d5000s will be to slow for metal.. and the bass will muddy the sound but would be really good fer electronic...
  17. Karnitool12

    Deeper seating foam tips for GR07?

    is the difference really that noticeable... also I feel when u get deeper seated tips and push them down to the lowest part of the nozzle ( the only way they will fit) it somehow reduces sq... like vocals mostly feel further away im using the Comply t 400 but def going to to get some tx's now...
  18. Karnitool12

    Fiio E7 vs Fiio E17

    I own the e7 and want to get the e17 because it is said to have better sound stage... but other than that i just hear that it sounds better in general, "worthy new flagship"....  
  19. Karnitool12

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Im looking for a new pair of cans... I listen to all different kinds of electronic music, metal,  progrock, instrumental, jazz, singersongwriter, folk, indie,  but mostly metal and ambient.  My price range is 350-400, maybe a lil more or less.  I am going to  be running them though a fiio E17...
  20. Karnitool12

    Itunes/amazon aac file problems!

    Im very new to this but is that the soundcard that came with the laptop?