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  1. Asmo

    X-Fi Titanium HD - External DAC clicking / Lock issue

    Hey all!     I am looking for someone else using the X-Fi titanium HD pci-express card with a external DAC, using the supplied optical cable.   I am having a very annoying issue, in that with my external CIAudio VDA2 DAC that everytime I start a song, or play any audio noise on the PC...
  2. Asmo

    No difference in sound... help?

    I also used to have a simliar setup (audigy 2 / 580s) years ago, and definetly one of the biggest upgrades I ever did was getting rid of the audigy 2 (also replacing it with a 1212m). No matter how good the chain is down the line, if the source is crap, the rest will suffer.
  3. Asmo

    OMG what have I done

    I couldn't stand the 650s with the stock cable, they really need a after market replacement cable to sound their best. The 650s require a long amount of burn in, a good amp, and a replacement cable, so they do require a lot more investment, but if you were happy with the 600s, just switch...
  4. Asmo

    Upgrade over revo 7.1?

    Go with the extreme music. You don't need two soundards, just get one with a good digital out, so you can upgrade to a DAC later. There are a lot of good DACs out there, do some research and try to listen to some, nobdody can tell you what you will like best. You also would want...
  5. Asmo

    My new AKG K701!!!

    One of the best upgrades I recommend for the 701s is to have them re-cabled. The GLite is a good lil amp, I have not heard any amps with the 701s that were under $800+ that performed any better than the glite. There are a few other amps in the glite price range, but the difference is taste...
  6. Asmo

    What does the advanced limiter do in Foobar under DSPs?

    I don't use any DSPs at all, I simply lower the DB to -2 to prevent any clipping. I am a total purist however
  7. Asmo

    X-Fi -> 1212M. Worth the upgrade?

    Quote: Originally Posted by infinitesymphony If I had to guess, I'd say the Zhaolu would have better sound quality simply because it's not inside the computer with all of the electrical interference. That's the weakness of having an internal sound card. Also, it's a dedicated DAC that...
  8. Asmo

    The perfect Headphone: Radiohead's Just

    That whole albumn is mastered a lil hot, I prefer OK Computer if you want to listen to a better mastered albumn. I wouldn't base your system around one band/albumn, bad recordings are something we have no control over. You have it backwards when you say, "this track eats high end systems...
  9. Asmo

    Time to purchase a 2.0 speaker + amp setup (long)

    Quote: Originally Posted by THESANTINI A few years ago I had purchased Logitech z-640s. I some how stumbled across glueycwal who posts here and sharkyforums (audio). Before I knew it I gave my z-640s to my room mate in college and purchase Swan Diva M200s. An amazing purchase...
  10. Asmo

    Windows XP64-bit

    Stick with XP32, there is no benefit to 64 bit edition. Wait until Vista to get into 64Bit OS.
  11. Asmo

    ASIO(x-fi, foobar) and gaming

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kaluminati Recently I switched from using Kernel Streaming to using ASIO output in Foobar. For some reason, ASIO sounds much clearer and brighter that KS was sounding. I am definetly sticking with ASIO. I run it in ACM, bit-matched playback with 44.1...
  12. Asmo

    E-Mu 1212M better than X-Fi?

    Quote: Originally Posted by J-Pak This shouldn't be taken to mean they'll sound the same. They still use different caps and a different circuit. And different power filtering, better components all around, specific dac / opamps dont' mean it will sound good, you can put the best...
  13. Asmo

    E-Mu 1212M better than X-Fi?

    I've compared my 1212m analoge outputs vs the xtrememusic and it was not in the same league. I only now use my 1212m 1010 card for digital output. There are no real gaming issues having a non creative card, unless you are a huge gamer and want that extra little bit of performance, or...
  14. Asmo

    Has anyone done direct comparisons of sound cards' digital outs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tachikoma Does the ESI Juli@ have a balanced digital out? I noticed that it has a pair of balanced TRS outputs but they are only analogue outputs, correct? There is no such thing as 'balanced digital output'. Digital is a transport, not a 'output'...
  15. Asmo

    What amp to go with K701?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kg21 Hey guys Ive got enough money now to get an amp for my K701s, and I've searched through head-fi and haven't found enough threads with the info that I'm looking for. My target price is 300-400 but can afford higher, and I don't mind getting one that goes...
  16. Asmo

    $500 giant killer speaker system

    Not to rain on your parade, but for $500 you just arn't going to find 'giant killer' speakers, not even close. If you get lucky with a good used deal, or go DIY, then it may be possible. The biggest problem you may encounter is finding something with adequate bass response, depends how...
  17. Asmo

    Hamilton 'Canadian' meet (July 8, 2006)

    Was a great meet! Everyone had a good time it seemed. Anyways, my impressions: What I loved: The K-1000s, Philodox's AKG 340s, AKG 701 recable, Headroom Amps. What I disliked: Zhaolu, GS1000s My main goal for the evening, was to compare some sources, and try to find a good amp for...
  18. Asmo

    Which is better, DVI or VGA?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sgrossklass Here's a suggested fix for the 2005FPW (similarly applies to the 2405FPW) that you may want to pass on: Admittedly it's not quite for the faint of heart and those who fear voiding the...
  19. Asmo

    Which is better, DVI or VGA?

    Quote: Originally Posted by blueworm Whatever works for you. I have tried both and I prefer the vga conection because it allows higher refresh rates 75Hz instead of 60Hz. DVI-D is supposed to be better. Refresh rates don't mean anything on LCD, because, the screen dosn't refresh...
  20. Asmo

    what makes the creative s750 suck for music?

    The whole package is not very good, amp, sub, speakers. Just keep it for playing video games, if you want to get into music with speakers, go with products designed for music, not try to integrate them with those pc speakers.
  21. Asmo

    So, what do you do when your ethernet connector is disconnected?

    Most laptops disable the ethernet port when running on battiers to save power. I would check your laptops power options, either in the BIOS, or with software that came with it, to tell it not to turn the ethernet off when on batteries. Even if it is disabled when you plug it in, I would still...
  22. Asmo

    Should I find a DAC?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bovine I'm using a RME 9632 Is the DAC good enough? OR should I find an external one? The 9632 is a awesome soundcard, you can shop and try some DACs for sure, but your not gonna find anything substantial under $1000-1500.
  23. Asmo

    which components affect SQ most?

    Digital tranasports make a difference. Just because its 'bit perfect' does not mean you will not see any benefits with a soundcard with a better digital output stage. Also, optical is generally considered better for PC. Try it for yourself.
  24. Asmo

    Athena B2.2 for $299 CDN -- good bang for the buck?

    Agreed, Athena speakers are not that great imo. Especially not worth importing from the US. You can get better speakers from Canadian companies like Energy or Paradigm in the same price bracket.