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  1. Michiyo-Fir

    TWag OM no sound in one ear

    I have a 48 inch TWag OM cable for my JH13s but yesterday, all of a sudden there's no more sound from my left ear.     The IEM is fine because I tested it with the right side of the cable and it works so there's something wrong with the TWag.   Since they're pretty expensive, can I get...
  2. Michiyo-Fir

    JH13 UM Remold, is this a cracked shell? Or air bubbles?

    Hi everyone,   Recently I cracked one of my JH13 shells and sent the whole thing to UM to be remolded.  When it came back, right now it has this problem.    I can't really tell if it's air bubbles (in that case it doesn't bother me), or the inside is cracking.   I've done one remold...
  3. Michiyo-Fir

    Reshelling JH13 Pro with Unique Melody

    I've had the JH5s for almost a year now and I'd like to try some JH13 Pros.  I'm planning to buy them 2nd hand so I went to Unique Melody to enquire about price for reshelling.   I thought I read that it costs around $80 USD on this forum?   UM is giving me a quote of 159 USD.  Is that...
  4. Michiyo-Fir

    JH13 worth the money with only iphone?

    I just sent in my earmolds for a JH5 pro 2 days ago and I'm wondering in the future if I want to upgrade(in the next 2 years or later) is it worth it to get a pair of JH13s or UE11s just to use with an iphone or ipod 5G unamped? I used to have the HD600s and HD650s and I realized I use them...