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  2. alanz

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    I haven't used my ER4p phones for a couple of years.  They were purchased around 2002, and generally used with a Xin SuperMacro IV amp. In the past few years, I've been using some other IEMs and headphones, but I do miss the ETY sound. I'm resurrecting that system, but found that the (original...
  3. alanz

    Calling all Xin amp users!

    Bellsprout, That's a SIK Ram Din connector.
  4. alanz

    Xin appreciation thread

    I have a SuperMacro3 for use with my 4G iPod and a SuperMicro3 used with an iPod Nano. Very cool amps. Yes, communication with Xin can be spotty, but he has always come through for me. I'm waiting to hear about his offer to upgrade my SM3 (there are some improvements he made to the SMIII...
  5. alanz

    Your portable player and portable amp...

    My portable rig is a 4G iPod with a Xin SuperMacro3 amp. My Ultraportable rig (the one I carry most of the time these days) is an iPod Nano with a Xin SuperMicro3 amp, and either Etymotic ER4p or ER6i phones. Tiny tiny tiny!
  6. alanz

    Ipod nano line out

    I think having a headphone out port and a docking connector yields tremendous flexibility with limited real estate. You connect whatever device/cable combination you need for the task you're trying to address. I can understand some folk would like a dedicated line out port. However, others...
  7. alanz

    xin amps

    There is no Xin amp called the micromini. Which are you considering... the SuperMini or the SuperMicro (or the SuperMacro)?
  8. alanz

    Altec Lansing IM716 equals Ety ER4s

    I don't understand the confusion about the comment Don Wilson made about the two headphones only sharing one part. The triflanges are the same. The cord and plug is obviously different. The transducer housing/sleeve is obviously different. So according to his statement, the actual...
  9. alanz

    Xin supermini-3 vs. Portaphile v2^2

    Quote: Originally Posted by fkclo Great sound, ultra-quiet noise floor, neutral and very detailed, long battery life, bass boost, extremely portable, built in charging circuit. A small correction: The SuperMini-3 does not have a charging circuit, as far as I know. The...
  10. alanz

    Xin amps holiday discounts!

    The Thanksgiving holiday, and the special holiday pricing have passed.
  11. alanz

    can i listen to my ipod and recharge it at the same time?

    When you connect your ipod to the computer... it typically launches iTunes (and displays a Do Not Disconnect message on the iPod) You can either close iTunes, or from within iTunes "eject" the ipod. The Do Not Disconnect message will disappear and you the menu will appear on the ipod. You...
  12. alanz

    Pictures of your portable rig- Part III of the infinite trilogy

    Ultra-portable amplified rig... iPod nano, Xin SuperMicro3, SiK Ram Din, Ety ER-4p
  13. alanz

    New Xin Amps available

    I don't think the acrylic crystal cases are fragile at all. I might prefer something with eased edges. And unlike some, I really don't need/want to see the circuitry. However, these are trivial nits. The sound quality of this little amp has impressed me.
  14. alanz

    New Xin Amps available

    I've got a SuperMacro3 v3 on my desk, and now carry a SuperMicro3 with an iPod nano. Talk about a tiny combination! Photos and notes are on my web site:
  15. alanz

    SuperMicro 3 photos

    I received my SuperMicro 3 a couple of days ago and thought folk might be interested in photos comparing the size to a full size ipod and an ipod nano. I'm very impressed with the out-of-the-box performance of this little marvel. I'll see how things progress as it burns in. I've...
  16. alanz

    Super Macro v3 in carbon fiber

    Nah, he increased the weight. However the drag coefficient might be changed.
  17. alanz

    Photo of SMV3??

    Here's a photo of an iPod (in a Vaja case) with an SM3 and an SM1
  18. alanz

    iPod setup

    This got moved to Computers as Source components?? Seems odd, as it is really a question about a portable player and an amp, but perhaps charged through the computer.
  19. alanz

    Gillette Unleashes 5 (FIVE!) Blade Razor!!!!!

    I'm waiting for someone (probably Xin) to produce a multi-channel razor where you can roll your own blades to suit the whiskers-du-jour. Remember the old SNL slogan about the fictional Trac 3 trible bladed razor: "Because you'll believe anything"
  20. alanz

    Ipod Nano sound quality???

    See, you should have gotten a white iPod nano... then you could be fashionable and use different color saran wraps to accent your wardrobe. This would address those who miss the anodized aluminum colors of the discontinued iPod mini. Maybe I should package three colored sheets of saran...
  21. alanz

    Supermacro Distortion

    The only time I've gotten any distortion was when the batteries were almost dead. This started happening when I began using the DC extender cable. For a while, my power adapter wasn't making good contact (it was intermittant) and although the power light was on, it wasn't as bright as usual...
  22. alanz

    Another excellent NY meet..........

    This was my first Head-Fi meet. I was very pleased at the way so many people were willing to share their experiences and their equipment. I finally got to try an RS-1... it made me smile. It was also fun watching reactions to the SuperMacros I brought.... "it's so small"... and then I...
  23. alanz

    Official NY Meet Sat June 18

    Though I was considering riding my motorcycle out, I'll likely be driving my Mini Cooper instead. So, does anyone need a ride from northern NJ (or some place on the way)? My schedule is flexible... I might arrive early and leave after a couple of hours. I'll try to bring most of the...
  24. alanz

    SM-3 has stopped recharging!

    The only time I've had trouble recharging my SM-3 is when using the charger extension cable... it's just a tiny bit short, and easily loses the connection, but there is no easy way to tell if it's seated well.