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  1. Parula

    Headphone help

    I own a pair and find them very comfortable. They have nice quality bass as well.  
  2. Parula

    AudioTechnica ATH-M50 or The Philips CitiScape Uptown ??

    I own a pair of M-50's but have not heard the Uptown. If you are interested in other options, look into the Beyerdynamic dt-770. A nice quality closed headphone.  
  3. Parula

    Did anybody here "switch" from speakers to headphones?

     I bought the Auralex risers as well and they were a big help. I also installed some sound dampening window shades which also darken my living room. I have a plasma TV so darkening is necessary. The combination of the risers and the shades have made a huge difference. The cops haven't been here...
  4. Parula

    Burson HA-160DS + HE-500 problem! Volume can't get high enough!

    I have the same problem powering my HE-500's with a Beyerdynamic A-1. Not a problem with my other headphones. The 500's like a lot of output power as do most orthodynamic cans. I recently purchased a Woo WA6-se and no longer have the problem as the Woo amp is much more powerful. You could also...
  5. Parula

    need help buying new headphones (:

    For the OP, the Beyerdynamic dt-770 in 80 ohms is a nice option. Closed, nice bass, but well over your stated budget I'm afraid. Perhaps a used pair?
  6. Parula

    need help buying new headphones (:

    They sounded great to me from the E-11  
  7. Parula

    need help buying new headphones (:

     I was listening to M-50's from a Fiio E-11 yesterday from a Sansa Fuze + while doing yard work. Sounded nice with good bass. The E-11 has 3 EQ settings so you can increase the bass if you like.
  8. Parula

    Help this Newbie Steer Clear of Beats!

    Look into the Beyerdynamic dt-770. Closed, comfortable, good bass. They come in 250 and 80 ohm versions.  
  9. Parula

    Allen & Heath Xone XD2-53 vs Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2ANV for DJ use...

    I have the ATH-PRO700MK2 and find it VERY uncomfortable and I find the sound muddied with bloated bass. I've never worn the Allen & Heath.
  10. Parula

    Got my bro into hifi. What headphones and dac/amp should I get him?

    Not sure about the AMP/DAC but the Beyerdynamic dt770 250 ohm would be a good choice for closed headphones.
  11. Parula

    head fi really is a wallet drainer

     I guess I'm guilty of buying and keeping many pairs of headphones and spending way too much money. But honestly, I enjoy all but one pair and try to use them all evenly. So now I've gone and purchased a tube amp .... a Woo Audio WA6se. At the moment, I'm running off a Beyer A1 ss amp but after...
  12. Parula

    Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

    Quote: Love the WA6se! I have one on order!
  13. Parula

    Woo Audio wa6se and headphone synergy

    Quote: I purchased a cheap 14 guage power cable ... Tripp brand. If I have a problem with it, I'll check out AudioQuest. In fact, my interconnects are a semi-high end Audioquest cable.
  14. Parula

    Woo Audio wa6se and headphone synergy

    Quote:     I have read that the 650 is a great pairing with the WA6se
  15. Parula

    Woo Audio wa6se and headphone synergy

     My WA6se will be coming with the Princess Mesh rectifier and the 6GL7/6DE7 tube upgrade. I don't believe the stock tubes will be included but I'm not sure about that. I'll be connecting the amp to an Oppo 95 using the stereo analog connections so the set-up will utilize the 95's Sabre DAC.  The...
  16. Parula

    Woo Audio wa6se and headphone synergy

    I ordered mine with those tubes, the teflon adapters, and the Princess Mesh. My amp should be here in 2-3 weeks.  
  17. Parula

    Woo Audio wa6se and headphone synergy

    Thanks! I hope it doesn't take too long. Jack said about 2 weeks but most of those who have purchased from Woo say 4-6 weeks.  
  18. Parula

    Woo Audio wa6se and headphone synergy

    A couple of years ago there were upgrades for stepped attenuator, black gate caps but this option is no longer available.
  19. Parula

    Woo Audio wa6se and headphone synergy

    I have also recently ordered the WA6se and am looking forward to testing my different headphones on them. My most recent pair, HiFiMan he-500 don't seem to open up very well with my Beyer A1 ss amp. I spoke with Jack Woo recently and he assures me that the WA6se will have plenty of power to make...
  20. Parula

    How Many Cans are Enough?!?

    Dang! I'm already up to 7 pairs with a HiFiMan he-500 on the way. I only have one amp right now (Beyer A1) but just ordered a WooAudio WA6se with upgraded tubes. Somebody stop me! NOT!
  21. Parula

    Beats Pro Replacement Ear Cushions

    Just check their website. They may offer replacements.  
  22. Parula

    Reply to review by 'parula' on item 'OPPO BDP-95 Universal Blu-ray Player'

    Bump .... Just ordered an OPPO 95 2 days ago to replace a 93. Looking forward to hooking up my Beyer A1 amp directly to the stereo analog outs. I'm hoping to hear a vast improvement in sound.
  23. Parula

    Quality Headphones for 200$ or Under.

    The Beyer 880 250 and 600 Ohm are nice but don't isolate as well as the 770.  
  24. Parula

    Beats Pro Replacement Ear Cushions

    Dayton, do you enjoy the sound of them? Do you find them too bassy, too muddy? They are not looked to in very high regard in within the audiophile community. They are considered more a fashion statement than a piece of quality audio equipment. That being said, some people do like their sound...
  25. Parula

    Grado PS1000, very mixed and not review like impressions.

    Quote: I have the same problem Blackstone. I have a really nice home theater set-up but I can't play it too loud without generating complaints. I've had the police at my home on 3 occasions in the past 2 years. I close all my windows and doors and I even purchased sound/light dampening...