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  1. puri

    Help choosing for newbie with AT ATH-M50X

    Hello   I am upgrading my computer audio system.    Current System: I play FLAC lossless audio through my computer's standard sound card with Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones and Foobar2000.   Requirements: I want warm, attacking sound with tight bass control for around £250. I used to own...
  2. puri

    Grado RS80 or RS125 for Portable Rig?

    Hi I have invested a lot of time (6 months) choosing my portable rig. I have purchased my source and amp now. These are the best portable components I could find (and afford) Source Sony DNE-920 MP3/ATRAC CD Walkman Portable Compact Disc Player Amp Graham Slee Voyager Portable...