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  1. ben4345

    ATH-ES7 > AH-D1001K

    Quote: Originally Posted by earerror For me the denon's performance is fantastic, more bass and sounds as great as the audio technica. The disadvantage is the price.... weird, I thought the ES7 had deeper and punchier bass.
  2. ben4345

    ATH-ES7 > AH-D1001K

    Oh man, I apologize for my incoherency. Note to self: Do not post before having some coffee... What I meant was I like the ES7 over the D1001 musically. I admit the seemed a tad colored, but I really like them. There are some some points that the D1001's was better.
  3. ben4345

    ATH-ES7 > AH-D1001K

    As I was about to buy the AH-D1001K, I find the rumor of the Creative labs Arivna suppose to be the same for a fraction of the AH-D1001K. I started looking at other headphones. Lucky I have 32 OHM, I tried the ATH-ES7, I'd say they got the Denon beat in so many ways. It isn't even funny. *sigh
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    It might not be news to you, but, MIR are one of the worst things that can happen since DRM.
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    PC Mag's top IEM list

    Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl Wow, there is no part of that statement I don't disagree with. Quote: The in-ear entry in the Beats by Dr. Dre line, the Tour, offers a consistent fit and strong bass without overwhelming. no no no, that confuses me!
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    How many 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter have you collected?

    I have actually lost count, so I was just curious. Oh oh, if I get mine together I gotta take a photo.
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    JH vs UE Build Quality

    JH's do look pretty good. They do backup their products for 2 years. I believe UE is only 1 year.
  8. ben4345

    HOORAY for the 32 OHM store !!!!!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by deviationer I haven't been to the store yet but from their online selection I see a big problem. The store seams to carter to the "super" high end selection of headphones. I'd like to see more reasonably priced headphones, IEM, amps etc. There is also a lot...
  9. ben4345

    HOORAY for the 32 OHM store !!!!!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Geared4me So what did you end up buying? +1 32 OHM, is a godsend, Ken and Curtis are great. Could you imagine how much money that I would of lost because of shipping to and from online retailers, and even restocking fees?! Not to mention all the...
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    New Astro headset

    That one is just down right ugly!
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    According to all graphs D5000 > D7000...

    Quote: Originally Posted by sokolov91 good point I guess I can't find the D7000 for a decent price anywhere though.... I am not willing to pay 999.999 Thennnnnn.... why bother with this debate? The Denon D2000 sound great to me for what they are. It's a different flavor for...
  12. ben4345

    Am I asking for too much?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Head Injury Guess what a headset is A clue: "A headset is a headphone combined with a microphone." Look for that AD700 mod that literally glues (or at least attaches) a microphone directly to one of the cups. Ta da, instant(ish) headset that'll sound...
  13. ben4345

    Am I asking for too much?

    Quote: Originally Posted by SillyHoney Yup! Some want a headset. But I personally believe audiophile headphone + good mic is better. It functions pretty the same right? Function, yes. inconvenience, yes. I have been doing the mic and headphone thing for awhile and all I get is...
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    Am I asking for too much?

    Why not Beyers MMX300? But seriously, maybe some of us WANT A HEADSET! NOT a headphone and mic combo!
  15. ben4345

    DT770 32 ohm for gaming?

    any one?
  16. ben4345

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    What is up with all these neat and tidy desks??! EFFING weirdos!
  17. ben4345

    Headphones for Kids (Funny Story)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zida Sounds like the disney player is either buggy, or designed to be quiet so small children dont damage their ears. any way you could return/replace it? +1
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    Anyone here try the Coby CV720's?

    Bahahahahaa! That darn Coby, he sat next to me in 2nd grade, he always smelled like urine.
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    Recommendations-UE Suprfi 3, Westone UM1, Etymotic er-6i

    Neither the UM1 or the Westone 1's are considered "audiophile" BTW, wrong forum.
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    The home stretch: JVC RX700s vs. others ~ budget increased

    Quote: Originally Posted by Graphicism There not... they're in the same league as Denon D2000 ~ Spend $30 on the RX700 and enjoy them, save up buy a decent source/DAC and you'll be set! are you serious?
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    best closed headphones for less than $80

    balanced sounding. Anyone?
  22. ben4345

    Top-Tier Universal IEM Comparison Chart, Frequency Response Charts, & Discussion

    Quote: Originally Posted by chinesekiwi Yep, the PL50 has insane, I do mean it, insane imaging for the price. Makes me want to try out the PL50's