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  1. mc whak

    Sony DVP-NS500V owners (question)

    I think I pretty much have myself talked into buying this (more for the built-in DD/DTS decoding, but SACD is an added bonus). While reading the specs on Crutchfield, they mention "Audio Attenuation". Does it attenuate all of the outputs, or can you select which outputs are attenuated? Reason I...
  2. mc whak

    Sony DVP-NS500V

    I found a place selling these for $229+S&H. And I think it might be a worthy upgrade for that price. But I can't seem to figure out one thing...does it have built-in DTS decoding or not. I know someone on here has it (Vertigo?).
  3. mc whak

    MG Head tube rollers

    Since there is no definitive thread about this, I wouldn't mind getting one started. I understand that everyone hears different, but I wouldn't mind hearing what everyone else has used or is using (good or bad).
  4. mc whak

    Monarchy DIP

    This is going to be a quicky review of the Monarchy DIP mk.1. I've owned it for about two months now. If you have an external DAC...BUY THIS!!! You can usually find them for ~$80 on audiogon. I also bought the Monarchy 18b DAC w/ piggy-backed R2R DACs. While this product did improve the...
  5. mc whak

    question for vinyl folks

    I wasn't sure where to put this thread, so feel free to move it. Is there a ~$100 way to get into this (without buying complete crap)? Or is there just too much equipment to buy to get a decent sound?
  6. mc whak

    I smell disaster

    "InterTrust Technologies, a maker of digital rights management software, said Monday it has partnered with start-up DataPlay to provide secure digital media in a move to thwart music piracy by replacing the compact disc. " For the rest of this "interesting" story...
  7. mc whak

    Panasonic Portable DVD-A player

    I was browsing for info on portable units and came upon this: Super-thin design, only 5/8 of an inch thick for convenient travel Plays DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, Video CD & CD discs Fully-featured for use as home DVD-Audio and DVD-Video...