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  1. banco-sg

    Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

    Yeah, and the funny thing, HD800 is likely inspired by Sony own Qualia 010. HD800 is not bad, i couldnt love it, but i keep considering it. Hope Sony will have something this year.
  2. banco-sg

    Meet the Sennheiser HD 820

    Not truly closed? I dont know where you got this idea, but Z1R is fully closed and the isolation is very good. Unless, you are mistaken it with Fostex TH900, which is not fully closed.
  3. banco-sg

    Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

    seeing their trend in the recent years (2 years cycle), i think Sony might release a new high end this year. they have positioned Z1R as their signature series, so i really doubt they will launch some high end closed back this year. it has been a while since they release a good open back...
  4. banco-sg

    Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

    Z1R is unique sounding, nothing in the market is similar to it, except for Z7 of course. it is either you love or hate it.
  5. banco-sg

    Focal Clear headphones

    idk whether i am going to like the closed back trend, but seems focal is really aiming at hd8xx market
  6. banco-sg

    Focal Clear headphones

    p r o f e s s i o n a l 12chars, closed back.
  7. banco-sg

    Sennheiser HD820

    imo, if it can retain or is close to the soundstage of HD800/S, otherwise it will be more make sense to get the older models.
  8. banco-sg

    Sennheiser HD820

    Damn, they really read our discussion about the pricing and set the msrp accordingly lol It looks like a semi closed, which is a good thing imo...
  9. banco-sg

    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    If this keep continues, utopia thread is going to be locked, just like how Z1R was locked. Funny thing, it’s always been the same reason and the same person that is involved.
  10. banco-sg

    Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

    But... but, M50X sounds better than Z1R
  11. banco-sg

    2017 Audio Technica new flagship ATH-ADX5000

    @earfonia thanks for your great review! one thing that i wonder though, the soundstage. I know it's pretty obvious that ADX5000 soundstage is narrower than HD800/S, but how about ADX5000 vs Utopia? Are they similar in width? You also mentioned that ADX5000 is pretty close to Utopia...
  12. banco-sg

    Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

  13. banco-sg

    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    That's what i am experiencing, the sound altered and became warmer and mellowed. This is not my mind playing trick on me, it just so happened suddenly.
  14. banco-sg

    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    Did anyone notice that the utopia became warmer when it's fully burn in? Or is it just me? Or maybe my drivers spoilt? I can't find the metallic high anymore and bass is deeper and tighter. The sounds is fuller and definitely less fatiguing now... I don't know whether i like it now, but kinda...
  15. banco-sg

    $2000 DAC/AMP battle

    this might sounds biased, but at this price point, i love my TA-ZH1ES, a detailed, well balanced with a touch of warm. very quiet and no distortion.
  16. banco-sg

    iFi Audio nano iDSD Black Label (TOUR details - PAGE 12 / TOUR participants - page 26 post #386)

    I wonder, will the pre-out works at the same time when i plugged in the headphone as well?
  17. banco-sg

    Need some recommendations for HD800s

    jot dac is pretty good, no point to upgrade the dac. tube amp will give you a better improvement.
  18. banco-sg

    The ZMF Auteur Wood Contest

    entered! i am a simple man, teak would be enough for me XD thank you for such an awesome contest!
  19. banco-sg

    Closed Back Sub-$1250 Recommendation Needed!

    it seems you are looking for Sennheiser HD800, you can get it well below $1000 used, and save that cash for a more beefy amp. edit: woops, didn't see you are looking for closed back
  20. banco-sg

    ATH-AD1000X vs HD800 (soundstage/gaming)

    these cans are best suited for competitive gaming, as for fun gaming a V-shaped cans will serve you better.
  21. banco-sg

    How big an upgrade can I expect from Sony MDR-Z7 to the MDR-Z1R?

    Save up for a utopia. Z1R while a major step up from Z7, they pretty much have the same characteristic, warm and bassy. Just think Z1R as a refined and perfected Z7. Don't get me wrong, i love my Z1R, more than my Utopia. But, Utopia will offer you more, in your case, since you already have Z7...
  22. banco-sg

    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    I dont think it is normal. But, what people noticed from elear that focal headphones dont play well with powerful or tube amp. My amp is solid state and i set it to high gain, but it is not a poweful amp. Let me try on mine, any particular songs that the crack or pop will happen?
  23. banco-sg

    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    What amp are you using? High gain?
  24. banco-sg

    Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

    Pls read the whole article