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  1. neworder75

    Vsonic GR07, FischerAudio DBA02, Brainwavz B2, HiFiMan RE262... Or any other below u$s200 which doesn´t need an amp?

    Hey guys sorry for the delay, was out of the city a couple of weeks : ) I´ll have all these comments in mind, specially the one which says that the RE262 needs amp.   I read some reviews, and I saw that the models I choose at first, don´t highlit bass and highs at the same time. Which...
  2. neworder75

    Replacement for Bose in-ear, I hear recomendations!

    Below is a list of price difference between internet prices and what I can find on my country. Because of importation taxes are high in my country(I guess close to 50% of declared price), I think that the models which are cheaper could be fakes. Well we know that there is plenty of fake...