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  1. mtmercer

    Comment by 'mtmercer' on listing 'Drop + Panda Bluetooth Headphones'

    Thanks for pointing that out. I uploaded a photo of the Panda HPs. I’m selling 6 different items at the moment and picked the wrong photo.
  2. Drop + Panda Bluetooth Headphones

    For sale is my Drop + THX Panda Bluetooth headphone. I don't use these much so am selling them. I have probably listened to them for 8-10 hours. Information about these headphones can be found on the product page here: Headphones ship in the...
  3. Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones

    For sale is my lightly used pair of Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones. I don't listen to my wired HP setup anymore so selling everything. I probably used the headphones 10-15 hours. Pads are in excellent condition as shown in the photos. HPs were used in a pet free and smoke free home. HP ship...
  4. Topping DX3 Pro Dac Amp

    For sale is my Topping DX3 Pro. I used with with my pair of HD6XX. I am selling as I just do not listen enough to keep a dedicated HP system. DX3 Pro was used in a pet free and smoke free home. Photos of the DX3 Pro and the other items I am selling are here...
  5. SMSL SU-8 V2 DAC

    For sale is my SMSL SU-8 V2 balanced DAC. Sale includes remote and original packaging. DAC was used while I was trying the HEDDPHONE. I wound up not keeping the HEDDPHONE so I do not need this DAC anymore. DAC was used in a smoke and pet free home. Photos of this DAC and the other items I...
  6. Monoprice Monolith THX AAA Balanced Headphone Amp w/ THX AAA 887

    For sale is my Monoprice THX 887 amp. I used it while I tried the HEDDPHONE but I wound up not keeping that. Thus I no longer need this amp. Amp was used in a smoke free and pet free home. Photos of the amp and the other stuff I am selling are Here...
  7. mtmercer

    Audio-GD Master 9

    I have not heard the master 9 so I can’t compare it to the HE-9 or say if there is much of a difference.
  8. mtmercer

    Audio-GD Master 9

    I got the Massdrop Cavalli Liquid Carbon X and compared it to my HE-9. The HE-9 was the better amp by quite a bit. The bass on the LCX was pretty loose compared to the HE-9. The HE-9 also had a lot more detail. Granted this is probably not much of a surprise given the cost difference between...
  9. mtmercer

    Audio-GD Master 9

    I had the NFB 28.38 which is a DAC/amp but similar to the NFB-1. I sold it and purchased an HE-9 which is similar to the Master 9. The resolution is better in the HE-9 and the soundstage is larger. I think they have a similar house sound if you will which aligns with my preferences. Those...
  10. mtmercer

    Audio-gd NFB-28

    I’ve sold my NFB28.38 and moved up to the Audio-GD HE-9 for my amp. I don’t recall the details other than I was able to follow the labeling on the NFB 28.38 user manual site located here: More specifically I attached the...
  11. mtmercer

    Audio-GD Master 9

    Agree completely on using headphones balanced connected via the XLR output to not waste 1/2 the amp. Regarding dacs connected to the HE-9, my feeling is there isn’t much in single ended vs balanced as they both use all of the amp. It comes down more to DAC vs DAC. Granted the volume will be...
  12. mtmercer

    Audio-GD Master 9

    My personal experience with using my HE-9 with the Chord Qutest which is singled ended has been extremely positive. Since the HE-9 and Master 9 have a phase splitter for single ended inputs, I’m not sure balanced vs single ended matters as much as getting a quality DAC with a presentation you...
  13. mtmercer

    Massdrop x Airist Audio R-2R DAC: A Discrete Resistor Ladder DAC For $350

    You could use a pre-amp such as the Schiit Saga in the non-tube mode or a 2nd amp with pre-amp function to match the levels between the 2 DACs.
  14. mtmercer

    Sonarworks Headphone Calibration software

    Following up on this, I'm wondering if the amp setup Sonarworks uses to create the HP profiles is not powerful enough to get accurate bass from planar magnetic HPs. Purely speculation on my part that that is the cause of the problem. Hopefully someone with Sonarworks will look into it.
  15. mtmercer

    Sonarworks Headphone Calibration software

    I really enjoy the Sonarworks Reference 4 profiles for my supported headphones. I just got a pair of Hifiman HE400i's to use with Sonarworks Reference 4. The detault HD400i calibration sound has too much bass. The frequency response shown on the chart shows bass roll off that is much larger...
  16. mtmercer

    Gilmore Lite Amp Owners Unite!

    The discussion about the new Gilmore Lite Mk 2 power supply has me wondering a few things. The stock power supply brick is a linear power supply. Will the new power supply just be a similar power supply in a form factor / chassis that matches the amp? Or is the intent that it will be an...
  17. mtmercer

    SOUNDAWARE P1 Flagship Balanced Pre-Amplifier & All Discrete Circuit Full Balanced Headphone Amplifier

    Does the P1 use a potentiometer or other method for volume control? If it uses a potentiometer, which one and are any measures taken to reduce channel imbalance? Also for purchases from the U.S. via the aliexpress link, what is the warranty period? If there is a warranty issue who is...