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  1. hughjass91

    Recommendations for bday present $70-100 range

    for myself haha    Im going for the sony xb500s but i love the look of the AKG k550 i belive it is. its just plain and simple to me looks sleek not over the top.   Are there any other good simple looking headphones out there that are over the ear and have bass (even if they dont have as...
  2. hughjass91

    Helpsss me =]

    SONY XB500s, PIONEER HDJ500s, or ULTRSONE HFI580? This is one hard choice for me..I loveeee tons of bass stuff you can feel...Im thinking of the Sonys but then I want quality so I'm thinking Ultrasone, but then I love the look of the Pioneers 500s in the red color and read the ''Portable bass...