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  1. Super3dcow

    Is it possible to hide audio without actually muting it?

    I'm sorry this isn't a hardware related question, but this was the only place I could think of where I could get a fast answer.   I do live streaming with my brothers, and I usually pick up their microphone audio through Skype. However we are having a LAN party tomorrow. It appears the...
  2. Super3dcow

    Left headphone louder than right. Sony MDREX10LP

    I saw these sony headphones had 4 reviews, all 5 stars, and could be purchased at a walmart for only $10, and were best for the price. After some use, I realized that the left side sounded louder, and kind of distorted. I...
  3. Super3dcow

    Need help finding headphones for Orchestral music. ~$100 Price range.

    Hi guys! I am a gamer, and music lover. I have been in search recently for a pair of high quality headphones. I was originally planning on getting a pair of the $130 Tritton Headphones ever since I tried them at PAX East this year, but from the reviews I've seen on the forums here, they are not...