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  1. bob2299

    shure se425 - left ear piece rattle

    I came to the realization recently that that this must be an internal problem as I only notice the left ear piece rattling; the right ear piece never does this, no matter what source or device.   the problem is I don't have my receipt anymore, only a code on the jack 1910.
  2. bob2299

    Fiio E17 not holding a charge

    I've had this amp for about 2 or 3 years, but the battery dies after about (guessing) a couple of hours. Is there a way to replace the battery in this amp?
  3. bob2299

    High-end or World class?

    what is the difference between them both?
  4. bob2299

    advanced mp3 players fiio e17

    the fiio e17 goes for 99.00 in english money    how much is it in american money?   figured it out nevermind
  5. bob2299

    quick question about the sennheiser 280 pro's

    if you  take the ear pads off the 280, there's a cover over the transducer.   what exactly does this "cover" do and if it gets torn?
  6. bob2299

    Audio Technica ATH M50

    of course i've seen many glowing reviews for both headphones   are the m50's far beyond the 280 pros or just a little better? (sound quality)     i've had my 280's for about 3 years with my denon avr 791 and I've got about 140$        please no harsh comments