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  1. Sweet Spot

    Trying to source a counterweight for an Rega P2 w/Stock RB250 tonearm

    So I'm kind of desperate now. I cannot seem to track down a counterweight for the Rega RB250 tonearm. I've emailed Rega, so maybe they can help... But it's the weekend. Thought maybe somebody here would have any ideas? Not looking to spend a lot of money on some boutique third party one, either...
  2. Sweet Spot

    Looking to purchase, but can I obtain the ++ and -- ?

    Looks like I missed the thread where people are/were having issues with the tubes snapping in half. I guess this kind of kills it for me, because knowing my luck, one would break off while still in my ear, and that would freak me out big time. Have SA addressed this issue perhaps ?
  3. Sweet Spot

    Looking to purchase, but can I obtain the ++ and -- ?

    As the title suggests, I am interested in purchasing the SA6's, but I'm also curious to know if I'll be able to get the bass ++ and treble -- ports that I've seen mentioned here ? I've listened with and enjoyed Shure E530's and wonder how close in comparison they rank to the SA6's, because the...
  4. Sweet Spot

    I put Beyer velour pads on my Panasonic RP-HTX7's

    Quote: Originally Posted by incognitoedleon Nice! I was looking for a way to replace my HTX7 pads with something better. By the way, does the sound change with the pad switch? Not terribly much. I also cut out the inner lining of those velour pads, so that it's open and airy like...
  5. Sweet Spot

    New Panasonic HTX9, high-end version of the HTX7

    Anybody bite on these ?
  6. Sweet Spot

    Panasonic RP-HTX7 Mod [56K WARNING]

    Found this thread via Google, actually. Was looking for replacement pads... Anyway, I really like their sound signature. Good defined bass, treble isn't too harsh IMO (I'm an oldie @ 36) and they display a good level of detail with all sorts of music. I think I bought them @ JnR last year...
  7. Sweet Spot

    DAP history so short. Why are people getting it wrong?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rumz I owned an iHP-100 before I ever owned an iPod. That said, your experience is subjective. True the iHP has a number of features absent from the iPod (optical digital output, built in mic, etc.), but after a while I found the sound to be too grainy for...
  8. Sweet Spot

    DAP history so short. Why are people getting it wrong?

    Just going to quickly say that the iRIver iHP 120 came out right before the first gen iPod, and IMHO has bested every gen iPod in terms of SQ and features (out of the box). To this day, I still use my iHP (which is now ROCKbox'd of course) over my 5th gen iPod, which is also Rockbx'd because the...
  9. Sweet Spot

    CNET **FINALLY** Gives the PortaPros Some Love

    Quote: Originally Posted by DrBenway I don't know if I would say useless. IEM's have their place, especially on noisy commutes or in quiet office situations. But the same argument applies to Grados. When I talk to people who like the PortaPros and who want to go to the next level, I...
  10. Sweet Spot

    Brand new toy: K271

    Is there a huge difference between the k240s and the k271's ?
  11. Sweet Spot

    UE Super. Fi. 5 Pro alternate tips?

    Do any of the Comply tips fit the im616's ? I'm really needing replacement tips for them. I don't like the flange ones at all, but do like the foamies it came with. But if Comply's fit too, I"ll buy some of those.
  12. Sweet Spot

    AKG 271 for $54.95!

    Adorama is a very reputable place. I get camera equipment there all the time. Call them concerning the issue, and I"m sure they'll straighten it out. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that the owners are closely related, if not the same as the guys at B and H photo.
  13. Sweet Spot

    Soundcage custom made canal phones.. ?

    This dates back to about two weeks ago, while I was heading into the vinyl section at Virgin Record store at Union Square (NYC). There's a kiosk set up right outside of the vinyl/video game section there, where people have been getting custom made silicone (think it's a mix though, but not sure)...
  14. Sweet Spot

    IRiver E100 Reviews Thread (VIDEO LINK ADDED)

    Quote: Originally Posted by LordZero They released a new firmware this month that bumped the 17hours to 25hours. Anyway, i'm using my meizu m6 for some time now and I will probably get this one, more a 8GB micro SDHC.I'm just waiting for some serious reviewer, that can comment on...
  15. Sweet Spot

    Cowon needs to hear from you

    Are Cowon actually still in the game, as far as a new line up of DAP's is concerned ? Every DAP company and their mother makes silly little low capacity flash players these days, but you rarely see the introduction of good high capacity HDD DAP's anymore. I'd be more than happy to campaign, or...
  16. Sweet Spot

    Why lossless on portables?

    I didn't bother to sift through 6 pages , but wonder if anybody has said this: I put FLAC files on my iRiver H120 because when I do my needle drops, that's how I encode them for archival purposes, and it's also how I play them when I go from the line out of my iRiver to my Outlaw Audio receiver...
  17. Sweet Spot

    Sony MDR-V6

    Quote: Originally Posted by -Spanky- Actually, Sweet Spot, I will hold your offer for a little bit. I believe I will start a new thread here to draw new attention and that thread will have a new purpose. Thanks for everyones help. If you mean hold off, not a problem. I, nor the...
  18. Sweet Spot

    Sony MDR-V6

    I think that no matter what, those Beyer's are going to need more power than what the iPod can supply alone. They'll probably never sound as good as they can without an amp IMO. Secondly, I used to own the V6's.. I miss them, a lot. For some reason, (cord perhaps) one side just gave out and...
  19. Sweet Spot

    JVC FX66 is the best headphone I have owned since HD600

    Wanna know how I made the FX66's sound infinitely better ? See my last post.
  20. Sweet Spot

    New AKG 240's (55 ohm) for $95 Too good to pass up?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MaloS If you are talking about akg k240s - then no, not really. The legend is the k240 (no letters following). The one amazon lists is the k240s. The going price on these is actually generally slightly below 100. Alright then, fair 'nuff. Just...
  21. Sweet Spot

    Welcome Back to I'm Sorry About the Extended Outage

    Jude, I felt so bad for you during this whole time, thinking of what it must be like to have something which means so much to you, cause you so much grief and pain... I'm really happy that you guys sorted it all out and really thank you for putting in so much time and effort in order that this...
  22. Sweet Spot

    AKG 240S Need amp to shine etc ?

    Interesting. Then I'd love to find out exactly what the Guitar Center people are using to amp their cans on the rack, because none of those negative qualities were audible to my ears. In fact, I'd say they sounded remarkably close to neutral, with emphasis on the airy mid section. Mids are...
  23. Sweet Spot

    AKG 240S Need amp to shine etc ?

    I was in the Guitar Store on 14th St (union square) the other day and saw a decent standing rack of cans to try out. Amongst them were Denon 1000's some Sennheiser 280's, a couple pair of different ones that I can't remember but weren't much worth mentioning if I recall, and a pair of AKG...
  24. Sweet Spot

    Ordering from Blue Jeans Cable ?

    That was awesome. Just got off the phone w/Blue Jean and talked to a really nice rep who placed my order. Not only that but he answered my questions very honestly and saved me some money in the process ! I like the honesty. His opinion on the techflex stuff is that for speaker cable it's a waste...
  25. Sweet Spot

    Ordering from Blue Jeans Cable ?

    Seems like a very neat and easy mod once you know the right size. I'll figure that out, thanks ! I'm probably getting the BJ 10-gauge 5T00UP (unless that's total overkill ?) cable.