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  1. Otto

    What is your favorite cover song?

    Johnny Winter doing Jumping Jack Flash
  2. Otto


    I'm a huge F1 fan. I went to every Long Beach GP. Hamilton is quite a talent. We'rre seeing history here.
  3. Otto

    Who are the best Duelling Guitarists? What bands feature them? Priest, Iron Maiden..

    Peter Green and Danny Kirwan - Fleetwood Mac
  4. Otto

    Speed Limits (rant/curiosity)

    There are many drivers of questionable driving skill on the road. As your speed increases it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid them.
  5. Otto

    Bacon! (not Kevin)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Samgotit Otto, where is that work of art from? Is that Seattle food? Can you overnight me one? It's... It's... It's beautiful. All it needs is a little cheese and my unhinged jaw. Yeah some shredded cheddar and it's ready to go. Don't know where...
  6. Otto

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Johnny Winter - It's My Own Fault
  7. Otto

    The strangest or most painful voice in rock/pop!

    Yoko Ono owns this trophy permanently. For second prize, Geddy Lee is like nails on a chalk board to me. Tom Petty and Springsteen aren't much better.
  8. Otto

    What was #1 song the day/year you were BORN?

    "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley & His Comets
  9. Otto

    Jack Hanna: naturalist, idiot

    He does come across as a real idiot. Just a week or two ago his assistants would bring animals out and he didn't even know what the animals were.
  10. Otto

    Cars we love.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Rymer Ooh yummy, can I have that as my daily please? Damn I want one. Would like the wagon version though.
  11. Otto

  12. Otto

    Annual NHL Play-off thread.

    What a goon. Maybe Pronger will have to sit out the rest of the series. I had picked the Ducks to win, but I think the Sens have a real chance.
  13. Otto

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    Muddy Waters
  14. Otto

    Recommend small bedroom TV?

    I've got a Sharp 15" LCD TV. It was on sale at Fry's. $179 maybe? $229?? It's got a sleep timer and wake up timer. S-video and Component video inputs. No complaints.
  15. Otto

    Cars we love.

    Here's a real E ticket ride.
  16. Otto

    Cars we love.

    The McLaren F1 is the ultimate street car. I like the air-cooled Porsches also but I prefer mine mid engined. 914-6, The mid-engine BMW M1 is another of my dreams. New with a warranty I still want a mid-engine. Cayman S,
  17. Otto

    Annual NHL Play-off thread.

    The Sens are in a deep hole. Can't wait for saturday. This is great.
  18. Otto

    Annual NHL Play-off thread.

    Nice goal by Pahlsson. Can the Ducks hold them for 4 minutes?
  19. Otto

    Scariest monster from a horror/sci-fi flick?

    The Morlocks from The Time Machine.
  20. Otto

    Who are the Greatest Bass Guitarists of All Time? John Entwistle, Geezer Butler, ...?

    Tony Levin
  21. Otto

    Good place to buy obscure metal albums online?
  22. Otto

    Favorite Live Albums?

    Quote: Originally Posted by braker218 ^Early Fleetwood Mac is awesome! I will definitely have to get that live album. Peter Green at his peak (in my opinion). You won't be disappointed.
  23. Otto

    Annual NHL Play-off thread.

    The Wings gave it a go in the 3rd.
  24. Otto

    Most glorious male voice ever?

    Eric Burdon
  25. Otto

    Annual NHL Play-off thread.

    Tough loss for Dallas. Turco gets 3 shut outs and they're going home.