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  1. tortie

    Recommend a good portable headphone amp for less than $200

    Hello. I have not been here for years and I am out of the loop with anything related to headphones. I have not done any searches or read up on anything. I know this looks lazy but please give an old-timer a break smily_headphones1.gif I currently listen to podcasts and music with my iphone. I...
  2. tortie


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  3. tortie

    Sennheiser RS130 Wireless System Review

    I needed a replacement for my Senn HD590 which I primarily used for my computer and after a long deliberation I decided to get The Senn RS130 from last week. I was looking for a comfortable set of headphones, one I can use for hours without discomfort. Being in the Philippines, I can...
  4. tortie

    Headroom Micro Amp and Micro DAC reviewd in Dan's Data

    I really like Dan's reviews and he seems to be reviewing a lot of headphone gear this past year. Funny guy. Here's an excerpt and the link: "...And, unlike most starry-eyed audiophiles, I'm not invested in these things. I didn't drop a bunch of dough on the Stack and, now, feel compelled...
  5. tortie

    I need help from US based head-fi members

    Im planning to buy 2 new memory sticks from newegg but they still dont ship internationaly. Can someone please buy it and ship it to me? I'll pay via paypal. No offense but since I would be paying the money upfront, I would prefer to deal with established head-fi members only. Thanks...
  6. tortie

    PC Gamers: mouse pad recommendations

    I've worn out my Func Surface 1030 pad and im now looking for a replacement. Any recommendations? Im currently using a logitech MX500 optical mouse.
  7. tortie

    Help from RAID users here.

    I want to check my hard drives for bad clusters, which is in a RAID array. What software can I use since Western Digital's software can not see my RAID array?
  8. tortie

    Final: 3rd Quail Group Buy.

    UPDATE: Quails have ARRIVED! US east coast people that have ordered please pm Gloco. Definition of east coast: All states east of north dakota, south dakota, nebraska, kansas, oklahoma and texas. Likewise, everyone who ordered and who's located on the west coast and outside the U.S...
  9. tortie

    Leaving non-positive feedbacks: Was I wrong?

    Is it wrong to post neutral feedbacks?
  10. tortie

    Philips 963SA having problems reading DVDs

    My Philips 963SA recently has problems reading some DVD disks. It wont read about 20% of DVDs that I rent, but doesnt have any problems reading CDs. Does anyone of you guys encounter the same problem? And what did you do to fix it? BTW these rented DVDs are bootlegged copies But I didnt...
  11. tortie

    Anybody want another Quail group buy?

    New Official Thread is here: I have emailed Quail about a new price quote and their pricing is still is the same so it would be $13 (Instead of $12.99). The $13 covers the cord, paypal fees plus shipping and insurance to the person who...
  12. tortie

    Where can I buy this?

    My Belkin car charger for my ipod burned up. Where can I buy its replacable fuse? Its not offered in Belkin's website. Anybody know where I can buy this fuse online? Its 2 amps.
  13. tortie

    Where can I buy a cheap & short mini to mini cable

    Im planning to use this on my ipod with my Xin amp. The shorter the better. I dont care about the brand as long as its cheap
  14. tortie

    Now this is one stubborn dude

    Read on and see what I mean
  15. tortie

    Has anybody tried to get into your head-fi account?

    Got this email from head-fi yesterday: "Your account on Head-Fi (Headphone Hi-Fi) has been locked because someone has tried to log into the account with the wrong password more than 5 times. You will be able to attempt to log in again in another 15 minutes." Its weird & scary that someone...
  16. tortie

    Need help from US-based head-fi members

    Im in the process of upgrading my computer and I have found all the things that I want in The thing is that they dont accept international credit cards nor do they ship internationally. I would like to ask help from some generous board members here. I propose to send you the...
  17. tortie

    The ultimate silent computer powersupply

    You could safely say this is the worlds most silent computer power supply. Yes, its fanless
  18. tortie

    Anybody here play Lineage 2 or City of heroes?

    Me and my friends here are planning to get an online game to play together. For those that have tried, what do you guys suggest? Lineage 2 or City of heroes?
  19. tortie

    HELP! iTunes 4.6 wont run!

    I just installed iTunes 4.6 for my computer. Every time I try to run it, it says: "The foler "iTunes" cannot be found or created and is required. The default location for this folder is insed the "My Music" folder. I have tried creating the itunes folder manually and also uninstalling and...
  20. tortie

    Final: 2nd Quail Group Buy

    All cables taken Wire type: 6 feet, 14(gauge)/3 SJT, Shielded, Black Quail wire reference page NEMA Plug type: 5-15P, hospital grade (green dot), Black Quail plug reference page Appliance End (IEC): C13, Black Quail IEC reference page Others: With ferrite clamp on each end (non...
  21. tortie

    How much would a bare-bones PPA cost?

    Im thinking of making a PPA myself. How much would a no-frills standard PPA cost? (PCB, resistors, capacitors, pot and simple casing.)
  22. tortie

    Recommend me a lood LAN lightning protector

    I want to get a cheap LAN lightning/surge protector. Any recommendations?
  23. tortie

    What is the cheapest decent closed headphone one can buy?

    I currently use the HD590 and sometimes the HD650 when watching DVDs in my room. While they sound nice, the sound leaking from them makes it nearly unusable for late night watching, especially with the wife sleeping. What are decent but cheap closed headphones out there? Most important factor of...
  24. tortie

    Pretty happy with my CMoy amp

    I currently have 2 headpone setups. One is my main rig for music listening and DVD watching consisting of a modded 963SA, HD650 and a Headroom MOH. I have another one for my computer mainly used for PC gaming consisting of a HD590 and a CMoy. Im sometimes forced to use this computer setup if my...
  25. tortie

    Free online game for drag racing fans

    Just tried this great online drag racing site: Its simple and free, give it a spin. My nick there is tortie and I currently have a 10.1 sec car. edit, well I just found out its not entirely free, but the price is minimal