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  1. moredes

    Please inspect my Singlepower MPX3

    Hope my pictures turn out right...I can see'm. Would ya'll inspect my MPX3 SLAM's configuration and tell me if you can, what transformer and capacitors I've got, and anything else you deem important. From its' operating behaviour, nothing seems amiss, but I'd like to confirm the unit's...
  2. moredes

    What is "PRAT"?

    Sorry for the ignernt question. I couldn't find it with a search nor Google. I've seen this term used when discussing a headphone's sound reproductive qualities. Thank you.
  3. moredes

    Tube amps--dielectric grease?

    I've got a couple of tubes that are really tight. I use a rubber jar/bottle top gripper (like the ones given out as complimentary "gifts") to remove them, and they're still a bear to get out. Wiggling doesn't normally make me itch, but these tubes go in and come out tight. I'm thinkin' of...
  4. moredes

    PANIC time... ECC32 vs. MPX3 SLAM??

    Quote: A few words regarding the Mullard CV181 (ECC32): This tube is highly sought-after. BUT, it is NOT a 6SN7. It is an ECC32, which is NOT a drop-in replacement for 6SN7. As mentioned earlier, the current draw for this tube is 50% higher than a 6SN7. This will blow most power...
  5. moredes

    Arrgggh... MPX3 SLAM transformer configuration compatibility?

    I'm driving a set of Denon AH-D5000 cans (the infamous "low impedance" hurdle). Just when I settled on a Mullard ECC32 and two Tung Sol-D 5687's, I got bit; I gotta stop reading this forum... I'm ready to try acquiring a 2C51 adapter and pairing it with a couple of 6BL7GTA's. However, I'm...
  6. moredes

    OPPO 970 w/ Denon AH-D5000: DarkVoice 337 or Singlepower Extreme?

    Hello All, I've been reading a ton of posts on this site and I think I've narrowed my choices down to two. I'm in Podunk, USA... the only way I'll see (or hear) the qualities of a headphone amp is to buy it outright on the blind. A 500-mile drive wouldn't get me any closer to seeing a...