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  1. 2rooi123

    Review: Fischer Audio's DBA-02

    Quote: the more flaws an earphone detects, the better it is because most iems cannot detect them get your facts straight before you make any judgements
  2. 2rooi123

    Review: Fischer Audio's DBA-02

    Quote: doesn't look like he did!
  3. 2rooi123

    HM-602 Portable Music Preorder

    they told me pre-orders would hopefully ship out on september 7th
  4. 2rooi123

    Rudistor IMD-3, Anyone have tried?

    just bit the bullet man! couldnt resist it having more bass and better fit than the DDM
  5. 2rooi123

    Hifiman RE262 Initial Impressions

    ohhh im so excited should get them by next week
  6. 2rooi123

    Review: Fischer Audio's DBA-02

    mine is in the fedex office being proccessed for delivery and subjected to tax it was marked a low value and weigh only .4kg and yet they insist in taxing it the fedex workers here in the philippines are insane and corrupted! thats why i advise all sellers not to ship to my country using...
  7. 2rooi123

    New AT Portables: ATH-ES10 and ATH-WS70

    oh yeah 70 has way more unrefined bass if boomy is what you mean the 10 just does everything better in the bass department no contest
  8. 2rooi123

    Phiaton MS400 vs V-moda Crossfade

    ms400 beats beats studio in all aspects!
  9. 2rooi123

    Another Beats Fanboy -_-

    beats are not garbage they're just way overpriced
  10. 2rooi123

    HM-602 Portable Music Preorder

    nice pics! cant wait to get them!
  11. 2rooi123

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    just snagged a pair of maxell dhp-II for $37 shipped thanks for the review joker! you da man! 
  12. 2rooi123

    BOSE IE2 In Ear Headphones

    go for it jepito give us your impressions cause i got a feeling this will be pretty good this time
  13. 2rooi123

    HiFiMAN 602: Talk about your initial impressions and specs

    no hifiman re262 included on the package?
  14. 2rooi123

    B&W P5 Headphones: An Unboxing of the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones

    Quote: if you prefer isolation then p5 sound is better on the senns IMO
  15. 2rooi123

    HM-602 Portable Music Preorder

    i have a feeling this will ship out sometime late this week
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  19. 2rooi123

    Fischer Audio Eterna vs Silver Bullet

    as ive said the monster single flange from my md pairs up very nicely with the sb's it gives strong rumbling bass while retaining the airiness and soundstage found on the ue single flange like tips