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  1. landgreen

    Music from MacBook Pro through W4S DAC2

    This is probably old news but it was new to me. Just updated my MacBook Pro to OS Sierra. I now can't play music from my computer via my Wyred4Sound DAC2. After an email to W4S I now know that since OS ElCapitan the DAC2 is unable to be used. I guess 6 years for an otherwise great DAC is an...
  2. landgreen

    Cavalli Liquid Fire

    I haven't been following Head-Fi for a few years so am a bit out of touch. I've had a Cavalli Liquid Fire since 2011 and it still sounds great with the Audeze LCD-2. It's time to get back to a 2 channel speaker system so I've put it up for sale. Is the Liquid Fire still thought highly of in...
  3. landgreen

    The Doors HDTracks

    Just downloaded the hi rez  Doors album on HDTracks. No problem hearing all the instruments and Morrison's voice with great clarity but it seems lacking in bass. Just me or anyone else find the same?
  4. landgreen

    Delete a post

    How do I delete a post? Thanks
  5. landgreen

    Understanding PS Audio DLIII

    My understanding is that the DLIII upconverts any input to 96/24 or 192/24. Does this make using albums from HD Tracks at 96/24 redundant or does starting with a higher resolution recording make it that much better? Is there any way of telling if a downloaded 96/24 album such as The Who's Tommy...
  6. landgreen

    Question about PC>DAC>Amp

    Using Itunes on an Asus netbook with .m4a files via USB to DLiii Dac then Woo amp. Is there significant difference using an expensive USB cable to the DAC? ie Is there any data loss with "normal" USB cable? Does changing the volume level in Itunes change the data flowing from computer to DAC...
  7. landgreen

    Tube matching

    I'm new to the tube crowd and enjoying my month old WA2, T1 combination greatly. Listening to Eric Clapton's "Me and Mr Johnson" last night was really engaging. My question is as I start to try different tubes, what does matched tubes actually mean. Is it that they test the same or how would I...
  8. landgreen

    Help putting headphone system together

    Hello I’m an older listener (58) in the process of putting together a headphone based system for myself. I’ve enjoyed some wonderful sounding and engaging high end equipment (Linn, Audio Research, Magnepan etc) in the past but traded and sold that while putting together a more family friendly...