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  1. PedroVazquez53

    Looking for nice sounding headphone amp DIY kit

    I have Sennheiser HD650, HD8XX, HD599, Hifiman HE400i, Final Sonorous IV, and many others bought during a 12 years period of headphone enthusiast. I am a retired electronics technician. I would consider that the nuhybrid is a must, or the JDS Labs O2. Right now I have about 3 O2s. Sorry I missed...
  2. PedroVazquez53

    Hi, I'm JDS

    Service, support? They seem to me more like friends! I love to purchase from them. I may say that I am a JDS collector. They treat me very nice and their support is not only great, but also very fast. Keep your work as of until now...
  3. PedroVazquez53

    Looking for nice sounding headphone amp DIY kit

    I assembled a kit that works very good. It is a DIY HV1 Class A HIFI headphone amplifier kit , purchased in China. The amplifier is very professional, I mean, the design. It is a little complicated to assemble but with patience you can make it work. Has a very nice gain for a Sennheiser HD650...
  4. PedroVazquez53

    25% Off Casey Abrams' Put A Spell On You on Chesky Records

    I agree with you bsoplinger, I don't like to have a softare that replicates functions that my computer already has and there is no special thing involved in these downloads. The only thing that I can add to these comments is that the files you download on hdtracks can be used with every mp3...
  5. PedroVazquez53

    Review by 'PedroVazquez53' on item 'JDS Labs Assembled Objective2 Headphone Amplifier'

    I came upon the article by the navguy and almost instantly ordered a kit. I was amazed at the sound of the kit, so later I ordered one O2+dac. I am an electronic technician, so I have assembled and purchased many headphone amplifiers and after testing many I am convinced that this O2, the...
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  7. PedroVazquez53

    Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

    People, try on eBay for  xtrememicro I purchased these headphones, and I am waiting for them but I know that many here knows the brands sold here: If someone has any of those products, please tell us how they are in quality.
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