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  1. Pappucho

    Deal Alert: HD-555 for 79.99 at

    See price when "add to cart"
  2. Pappucho

    Deal Alert: Refurbished MDR-NC60's for 80 Shipped

    I just got word of this twitter announced deal on a a REFURBISHED set of Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Canceling headphones over at Get them for 80 shipped when using coupon code TWITTERMDRNC6060. I don't know if they are any good but at a regular price of over 200 it seems like a good...
  3. Pappucho

    D77's sold for 400 on Ebay!

    Wow, didn't think they would command so much. See auction here. For those not familiar with these, these were Sony's top model from the "Eggo" series of headhones. One of my favorite portable headphones, but, wow, 400 bucks?
  4. Pappucho

    Volkswagen GX3

    GX3 VW is seriously considering putting this concept car into production. In short, I want one.
  5. Pappucho

    Another Fake Ebay Email.....

    Man, I hate getting these fake emails. I usually forward them to spoof@ebay but I am starting to think they just chuck them since they must get so many. "Dear eBay member, We regret to inform you that your eBay account has been suspended due to concerns we have for the safety and...
  6. Pappucho

    Topgear is Back!

    Topgear, (which IMO is the best car show on TV) is back on the Discovery channel! There's a marathon on today. I sure hope it's back for good. It was a sad day when it was no longer being showed. Are there any other fans here?
  7. Pappucho

    D-J50, any other owners out there?

    I just managed to snag my second D-J50 off of Ebay . I have pretty much been out of the collecting circle for the last few months, mostly to cut back on my spending. I just couldn't pass up this great potential deal. I have sold a few players to build some much needed cash. Out of the players I...
  8. Pappucho

    Deals on HP's at

    Don't know if these are good deals or not, so I'll post them here for anyone who's interested. SENNHEISER model: HD570 Retail: $149.95 Our Price: $84.69 SPECIAL $74.99 AKG model: K240 Studio Headphones Worlds most popular studio headphones 15 Hz to 20,000 Hz 600 Ohm 88 dB/mW...
  9. Pappucho

    Nano Reef Saltwater Aquariums

    I just started to put together my first saltwater aquarium. I am going to start with a 30 gallon since it seems to be a good starter size. I was doing some research online trying to cover all my bases and I came across a forum on "nano-reefs" and "pico-reefs" which I found incredible. These are...
  10. Pappucho

    Proton 100 FM Receiver

    Quite possibly the best portable radio ever, the Proton 100 made a brief appearance on ebay recently. I thought I had it until two snipers jumped in in the last 12 seconds. This is the first one I've seen pop up on ebay in the...
  11. Pappucho

    Denon Portable DAT

    Check out the action on ebay on this rare Denon portable DAT recorder....
  12. Pappucho

    Sharp SS323

    Wow, just got my first MD player and I'm quite impressed at the build quality of this little player. I don't even own a single minidisc, so I can't comment yet on how it sounds, but judging from Purk's and Tbdoah's comments on other threads I have something great to look forward to. How many...
  13. Pappucho


    I just picked up a few OPA637's on ebay, but there is text on the bottom of the chips and my 627 don't have anything under the IC. The bottom says TWN leading me to believe that these are possibly fake chips (made in Taiwan?). Can anyone with OPA637's let me know if there is any text on the...
  14. Pappucho

    Meade Telescope Special

    If anyone's in the market for a telescope, I just came across this excellent (IMO) special meade has when you purchase one of their telescopes. Buy any of their qualifying telescopes and get 7 super plossl eyepieces for 99.95 more. Check it out here .
  15. Pappucho

    New to Vinyl:Turntable Setup

    Ok, so I got my Sota Moonbeam, a few LP's to play with, a Creek 4330R with add on phono card and I still can't get the sound that I was expecting. What I'm getting with most of the albums I play is a harshness in the upper frequencies and an overall thin sound. Where's that full and natural...
  16. Pappucho

    Sota Moonbeam or Music Hall MMF-5?

    I am trying to get into analog and have decided on either of these two turntables, the Sota Moonbeam or the Music Hall MMF-5. Which would you guys recommend? I can get either one for just under 500, which is my current limit. Any recommendations?
  17. Pappucho

    The Boodo Khan Chair

    I found this on ebay and thought it was pretty interesting. I completely forgot to bid on it though. It's a Sony Boodo Khan chair, complete with headphones, subwoofer and amplifier. Anyone here ever seen/used one?
  18. Pappucho

    Olympus SR11

    My wife is currently going to college and I thought this would be better for her instead of the regular micro cassette recorder she currently uses to tape lectures: Anyone have any experience with this player? My browser was taking...
  19. Pappucho


    Well, I managed to find another hidden ebay treasure, Sony's MDR-E484's. If anyone here recognize these, could you confirm that I did....
  20. Pappucho

    what motivates you?

    I think that there are differencit reasons to get motivated. Personaly, I get motivated by not completing personal goals set by people not expecting enoug of me. What motivates you?
  21. Pappucho

    DJ50, almost.....

    Hey PeterR, we were outbid.... Went pretty cheap never the less....
  22. Pappucho

    D-321 Owners?

    I feel the new flavor of the month in vintage PCDP's is soon becoming the D-321. How many of us are there that own this nice player?
  23. Pappucho

    TDS Harmonic Enhancer

    Anyone familiar with this?
  24. Pappucho

    D-303 for 20 Euiros!

    I completely forgot to bid on this one.....I was out fishing...
  25. Pappucho

    Obessive Portaphile Disorder

    Hello, my name is Pappucho, and I am a portaphile... At last count I have over 30 portable audio devices (mostly PCDPs and Walkmans) and I have no idea why...I got hooked on this bad... How long does this last from those of you have been infected before? Here is pic of most of...