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  1. reeshahn

    Beyerdynamic MXP 50 iE

    I couldn't find any information about Beyerdynamic MXP 50 iE. Did anybody use them before?
  2. reeshahn

    travel team

    Then better go for E17 but you can also compare and consider buying E07K. Actually if you are not thinking about using optical input you can just go for E07K which has a longer lasting battery.
  3. reeshahn

    travel team

    Well, for sure quality will be better with an E17 but the real question is if you need an E17 or if an E12 enough for you. N1 has a USB port but I dont know if connecting it through USB to E17 and bypassing N1's internal DAC is possible. You should look for it. If it is not possible and if you...
  4. reeshahn

    travel team

    Soundmagic HP100 is 32 Ohm if I am not mistaken. Hisound N1 can drive maximum 32 Ohm headphones as well. In my opinion you can try it for a while and later buy an E17.
  5. reeshahn

    Looking for some bassy 100€ IEM's

    If you want something bass emphasised better look for Shure SE215 Special/Limited Edition. They are nearly extict though. You need to look a little around to find them.
  6. reeshahn

    Need a replacement for my Bose IE2.

    I doubt if you would like SE215s. Better cross them out of your list.
  7. reeshahn

    Audophile "starter kit"

    Well I would bring a different view and suggest you to also check Marshall Monitors if you are mostly listening to rock/metal. If you don't like them I would also go for SR225i.   When it comes to DAC/Amp. You don't really need to buy them seperately. Of course budget is the main concern...
  8. reeshahn

    Best Portable amp for V-moda M-100?

    Also check FiiO E12 even though it is over your price range.
  9. reeshahn

    How do people carry their mp3 players?

    Dude how tight your jeans are? :D I never had a problem keeping my sound source in my pocket.
  10. reeshahn

    1st audiophile headphones suggestions

    Just one warning about AKG K550: K550s have really low clamp force. If you dont have a big head you will have difficulty using them without  proper modding.
  11. reeshahn

    Help Buying Entry Level IEMs

    Well a lot has been already said but I want to add one more thing about Shure SE215s. They are great headphones but I suggest you to try them before buying. If you didn't use the top wearing iem before you might find it difficult to use. In SE215 cables go over your ear. This makes it a bit...
  12. reeshahn

    A choice from many headphones

    Saethyan, since you are a Rock listened I would also suggest you to add Marshall Monitors to your list. I really liked them for rock and guitar emphasised music but I wouldn't suggest them for electronic music. Also you are talking about getting a FiiO E11. Well, if you need a portable amp go...
  13. reeshahn

    Alternative to my current headphones

    Quote:   even though they dont have the over ear hooks since you put the cable over your ears when you wear them they are pretty strong staying in the ears.
  14. reeshahn

    Hello Everyone, I Need Some Advice on iems

    You are definitely not looking for something easy. If you were not going to the gym with those I could suggest you Shure SE215 Special Edition. Since you wanna use them in the gym as well maybe you can also check Hisoundaudio Woodoo 2.
  15. reeshahn

    IEMs for a $100 budget

    It will be really simple answer but looking at the bands you like I can also suggest you Shure SE215 but if you want something bass heavy look for something else.
  16. reeshahn

    B&W P5 vs Sennheiser Momentum

    I would still suggest you to try them both somehow. Sound is something subjective. If you came down to two choices it is always better to try them personally.
  17. reeshahn

    New to Head-Fi

    Hi Slash and welcome!   I was reading your message and realized that you would like to upgrade your MacBook Pro HDD. I might have a suggestion there for you. As you know new Macs are now shipping with fusion drive. It is also possible to have your own Fusion Drive by removing the optical...
  18. reeshahn

    Best over headphones under $300

    AKG K490 NC sounds like a good option. If you are open for IEMs you can also try AKG K391 NC as well.
  19. reeshahn

    How to use my K701 professionally?

    You can easily get a good DAC/Amp under $500. Especially look for tube amps. Using K701 since 2008 with a Thinkpad is a crime. :)
  20. reeshahn

    Newbie from PA

    Quote:   I think you need to check Shure IEMs. I think even SE215 is matching your needs. If you have a higher budget (as high as IE80s) you can go for SE315 or SE535 as well.   If you also have a high budget for the player:  ...
  21. reeshahn

    New here. IEM doubts, HELP please!.

    Quote:   Shure SE215 Limited Edition (Special Edition in east asia) is discontinued. It was really limited edition. But you can still search and find some from different sellers. I bought mine through a seller in ebay. I am sure about genuinity since it was approved by main Shure...
  22. reeshahn

    New here. IEM doubts, HELP please!.

    You better go for either Hifiman RE-400 or for Shure SE215 Limited/Special Edition. Shure SE215 SE/LE is still balanced like SE215 but has additional bass boost. Also the tips are important. When you use it with foam tips sound is more balanced. When you use it with rubber tips sound is bassier.
  23. reeshahn

    Choosing a cheap DAC for my laptop

    If you are willing to go up to $80 I think you can manage to find FiiO E07K if you look for it. If you go up to $90 you can easily find it. I am sure you will get much better performance with it compared to the ones in your list.
  24. reeshahn

    Looking for IEM <100$ for Android (LG P880) w Mic

    Over all it will be over your budget (total cost around $150) but you can also check Shure SE215 with android mic cable. Just consider it seriously. Since cables are replaceable a SE215 is more likely to laast longer for you. Also sound quality is really good. Maybe we can help you better if you...