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  1. dbsoccer14

    Help Please! Looking for the best bluetooth earbuds/headphones for gym workouts

    Yeah the Jaybird BluebudsX are pretty sick. If you want more of an over ear headphone check out the Jabra Sports.
  2. dbsoccer14

    Bluetooth headset?

    Check out the Jaybird BluebudsX. They're the newest Jabybirds out right now and they look sick.
  3. dbsoccer14

    Best Earphone for sports and out-door use ?

    There's a large selection out there, I've had some $15 earbuds I bought from Target that sound great and lasted me 3+ years. I've recently purchased some Bluetooth headphones that have completely changed the way I workout. I purchased some Jaybird JF4MBL off for...
  4. dbsoccer14

    Best IEM Workout/Work Headphone

    If you're looking for bluetooth ones that stay in ear check out they have a good variety of buds that you might like
  5. dbsoccer14

    Best IEM Workout/Work Headphone

    or try the motorola headphones heard good things about the s10's
  6. dbsoccer14

    New headphones for workouts    I own the Jaybird JF3MB's they're awesome at the gym... If you're trying to spend the big bucks they the JF4MBL's they also look awesome
  7. dbsoccer14

    Workout (Gym) Bluetooth Headphones on a Budget -- Recommendations?

    check out the jaybirds at also the outdoor tech ones
  8. dbsoccer14

    What's a good pair of bluetooth earbuds?

    I've had the jaybird jF3MB for a while and i love them. Use them for exercise and they work perfect. I highly recommend them. check out  
  9. dbsoccer14

    Review by 'dbsoccer14' on item 'Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset (Black)[Retail Packaging]'

    These bluetooth headphones are awesome! so comfortable and dont ever lose signal. Their battery life is alright but overall I love mine! i had them for about 3 months and never had any issues with them. I found mine at on sale which was a plus!! They also had other...
  10. dbsoccer14

    Review by 'dbsoccer14' on item 'Motorola MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones'

    These S9 headphones are awesome! i've had them for half a year and still use them. I run with them and never have any issues. A very nice design and great quality. I bought my pair at nice site has a couple other brands as well.
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