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  1. grawk

    RIP Bear

    Owsley Stanley, one of the pioneers of live rock sound, and of the san francisco psychedelic scene died in a car crash.,0   Have a steak for me wherever you are bear...
  2. grawk

    The Members Lounge thank you to Tyll!

    You're the reason many of us got into this hobby, or even realized the hobby existed. I don't want to be limited in what I say to being friendly to the guys that took your baby, abused it, and kicked you out. You're the reason headfi isn't about being alone in a room listening to music...
  3. grawk

    iphone hands free for car

    I'm looking for something to use my iphone in my car, using my speakers for output and also hands free use. I'm looking at the Motorokr T505, but would prefer something to use line out instead of fm to get it to the stereo. I'd also prefer a full duplex setup. Anything out there that works well...
  4. grawk

    iPhone Car Integration

    I'm wanting to completely integrate my iphone into my 2003 VW Passat Wagon. Hands free, audio to the OEM stereo, etc. My goal is to be able to listen to the XM/Sirius app through the stereo, and make and receive calls with an integrated hands free (not a headset). Parrot and Motorola both make...
  5. grawk

    Baltimore/DC Regional Meet August 2, 2008

    Residence Inn Gaithersburg Washingtonian Center # 9721 Washingtonian Blvd. # # Gaithersburg, MD # 20878 USA # 1-301-590-3003 # Fax: 1-301-590-2722 The 700 sq ft meeting room has been booked, 6 tables, 20 or so chairs. Plus I'll have the suite upstairs for speakers and whatnot. Ok...
  6. grawk

    Baltimore/DC MiniMeet Impressions Oct 6, 2007

    Small but good. Almost everyone bailed on it, so it was a small group. PeterP's 6SN7 transformer output ac heater amp is a wonder to behold. Great sound, and he was using somewhat inexpensive 6SN7GTBs. Colin's Millet Max sounds really good, as well. The remarkable story is still the pico...
  7. grawk

    DC Metro Regional Meet, Oct 6, Residence Inn, Arundel Mills, MD

    So I've booked the room, and set the date. This is the roll call thread. Skye Room, Marriott Residence Inn, Arundel Mills, MD So far: people: grawk cetoole tkam justin w. (vendor - headamp) sk138 lousyreeds1 bluetick Macezeke vvs_75 PeterP keyid gear: Pico USB DAC/Amp...
  8. grawk

    Benefits of a Meat based diet

    The main advantages of a meat based diet is you don't eat a lot of refined carbs, you get your nutrients pre-processed for you, and you get to be predator, instead of prey. I mean, come on, would you rather be the bunny or the eagle? Plus, bacon tastes better than rice. My cholesterol is...
  9. grawk

    Last Minute Md/dc area meet 1/20 6pm

    At the dogfish head brewery in gaithersburg. Don't bring gear, this is just social.
  10. grawk

    Review: K701 vs RS-1 vs HHF-1

    I'm not really a wordy reviewer, but it boils down to maker's signature sounds, really. The K701s are very nice, good bass, good detail, good space, very hi fi. The RS-1s have better energy, and that amazing midrange that nothing else has. The HHF1s are somewhere in between, with grado energy...
  11. grawk

    Grado HP-1 Review Thread (56k warning)

    I was gonna wait til my 2000th post, and retire at that point with this, but what the heck, here's my review: Wow, they're good! I'll eventually compare them with my PS3000s...check my review of them here: PS3000 review
  12. grawk

    Please Welcome...Viola Pearl (56k warning)

    Born 1/30/06, 11:43pm, 7 lbs 10 oz
  13. grawk

    X-Mas Jam 2005 - Asheville NC

    XMAS JAM DATE ANNOUNCED Warren Haynes Presents: The 17th Annual Christmas Jam on Saturday, December 17, 2005 at The Asheville Civic Center in Asheville, NC. As always, proceeds from the event will benefit the Asheville Area Habitat For Humanity, who this year will earmark the money donated...
  14. grawk


    So, I had my HF-1s with Cpads. And I had old sony grado style DR5As. And some time on my hands. So I did some surgery. Behold: HeadFranken-1:
  15. grawk

    SACD vs Computer Source Revelation

    Let me start by saying that I'm still going to stick primarily to using my laptop as a source. Having 2/3 of my cd collection available on random is a wonderful thing. However, I brought my Pioneer DV-563A SACD/DVD-A player into work to try with my new MPX3 tube amp and PS1s. I compared the...
  16. grawk

    OPA604AP in SuperMacro V1

    I've now tried the AD8610, OPA627, and OPA604 in my supermacro V1 with my beyer DT770s. I have to say, for my listening (jazz, rock, electronica, rap), I've been most impressed with the 604s...I sacrifice the finer details, but the punch and speed are amazing. It may not be the best choice for...
  17. grawk

    M-Audio Firewire Solo

    I took a gamble today and ordered the M-Audio Firewire Solo to pair with my powerbook g4 and beyer DT770-250s. Can I expect this to be able to drive the headphones? Does anyone know of mods that can improve things, etc?