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  1. 2rooi123

    New flagship iem from sony!   looking good!
  2. 2rooi123

    fa marcus now available   just got one
  3. 2rooi123

    atrio m8 and m9?

    are they the same? which one is the newer version?
  4. 2rooi123

    new to portable amps

    my budget is $50-150 im interested in fiio e7 and ibasso t3/t3d which has better sq and build quality? thanks
  5. 2rooi123

    shure se535 or se425?

    which is better in terms of pure sq? i know both looks good but does is the price difference of 535 worth it?
  6. 2rooi123

    monster miles davis tribute or fx700?

    which is better in terms of bass extension/quantity/speed, wider soundstage, better clarity (non sibilant), and yummy mids?   mtmd looks sexy with the blue cable and the victors have a very short cord which i hate   need answers asap cause i will purchase one of these very soon
  7. 2rooi123

    coming from an es10

    Im planning to upgrade to full size from now on since im not satisfied with portable headphones.   my question is will an akg k272hd or 242hd sound noticeably better than an es10? Are there any other cans which plays does any kind of genre well and are way better than the at's? i listen...
  8. 2rooi123

    new phiaton products looks good looks like another competition for mc5
  9. 2rooi123

    is this legit?
  10. 2rooi123

    monster turbine pro copper

    are there any fakes out there?
  11. 2rooi123

    bang a8 vs sennheiser mx 980

    For those who have heard both. Are the a8's comparable to the 980's in terms of overall sq, soundstage, and bass impact? Which has a bigger soundstage?
  12. 2rooi123

    Is monster turbine pro gold worth its price tag?

    Does it sound really phenomenal? (all i care about is sound and build quality)
  13. 2rooi123

    breaking news!

    Robbed Luke helped to turn the music back on - Local News - Bay of Plenty Times 'Terrifying' ordeal for teen on city bus - Local News - Bay of Plenty Times beware of snatchers! dont show off your expensive stuff
  14. 2rooi123

    best unamped earbuds?

    im converting from iems to earbuds now. any suggestions on the best unamped earbuds? i want big bass liquid gold mids and sparkly but smooth treble thanks
  15. 2rooi123

    Is there any velour pads that will fit akg k181 dj?

    These are great sounding headphones but it isn't too comfy and can get hot after 30mins of use (since i live in a tropical country). any suggestions on where i can buy some velour pads?
  16. 2rooi123

    beyerdynamic t50p

    pre-ordered them today from soundearphones and should receive them by early june. cant wait to compare them to es10!
  17. 2rooi123

    grado sr60i or sr225i?

    Is there a big difference in sq played straight from a comp without an amp? and which is more bang/buck?
  18. 2rooi123

    Audio Technica EARSUIT Vien'ti ATH-ES10 appreciation thread

    Just started this thread to share and express my appreciation on my best headphones ever.. After owning this i wouldnt wanna buy anything else. now who else is with me
  19. 2rooi123

    grado sr60i - alessandro ms1

    Do they share the same drivers? and are their sq the same?
  20. 2rooi123

    Any other better sounding and more comfortable than Denon d1001? (price limit $300-400)

    Kindly read the title and suggest. many thanks!
  21. 2rooi123

    Audio Technica ES10 or ESW10 or W1000x without an amp?

    Which has the best sq and comfort without an amp?
  22. 2rooi123

    Most comfortable/best sounding/portable headphone? (with tight and punchy bass)

    Can anyone recommend any? i will be going to hong kong on april to buy some cans. my budget is $300 below
  23. 2rooi123

    Denon d2000 question

    Does it really suck? is there a big difference in the sound quality it produces when amped compared to playing it straight through an s:flo2 or comp?
  24. 2rooi123

    Is B&W p5 worth it?

    Anyone own these cans? Are they worth it?