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  1. nokialover

    Portable Over ear Headphones Recommendations circa 2021

    I've gotten out of the portable over ear headphone market for 4-5 years now, last time I was invested in it was when the v-moda m100s were hot. I'm open to wireless headphones like the sony wh-1000xm4 but I need a wired backup and something decent. I need a pair of headphones that fold flat...
  2. nokialover

    Topping DX7 pro vs D90/A90 stack?

    I’m interested in changing my Sony UDA-1 that I’ve had for nearly 5 years now. I’m wondering if there’s much of a difference between the topping DX7 pro vs the A90/D90 stack? Does it merit the 700 price increase or not
  3. nokialover

    Open back headphones with minimal heat build up recommendations?

    I’ve had a pair of hifiman he-400i for about 4 years now and while they’ve served me well the biggest problem I’ve had with the is the heat buildup that occurs after not all that much time. The detail is great, low end is meh but very wide soundstage. I was looking at a pair of seinheiser hd...
  4. nokialover

    Looking for Music Recommends:

    So I'm looking for music recommends and I'm gonna compile a reasonable sized list of songs that I like and see if anyone can see a similarity between the songs I like.  I have a very hard time finding music that I really like, but here's the list.   Chicane-Offshore Chicane-sunstroke(disco...
  5. nokialover

    Sweatproof IEM's for working out

    I'm looking for a pair of sweatproof IEM's for working out.  Up until recently I had a pair of v-moda m-100's that I used for working out, but they were just stolen so now I'm looking for something to replace them.  As for the sound signature that I like, well I appreciate good bass, though I do...
  6. nokialover

    What are the best IEM's under 1000$?

    I'm interested in getting a pair of very high end IEM, and I am wondering what are the best ones you can get under 1000$.  Not sure how high to go, but put a pretty big budget.  I'm pretty much only aware of some shure IEM's and the seinheiser ie800.  Any suggestions?
  7. nokialover

    Best DAP under 500$?

    I'm currently in the market for a good DAP, something that provides a much better listening experience than my Samsung galaxy s6.  So I have been looking around and found some options like the fiio x3, x5, and the coming x7.  I also see that the sony zx1 is priced pretty well.  Currently my...
  8. nokialover

    M-100 drivers burning out? with pics

    I decide to replace the earcups on my M100's and when I saw the drivers bare there is this white stuff over the drivers and looks like it is kinda burned.  Not sure why this happened but maybe you guys can tell me whats up.  Pics are attached below            
  9. nokialover

    Where to get replacement metal frame for Beyerdynamic COP and how to fix broken Audio Technica M50 3.5 mm audio jack

    I am wondering what is the cheapest way of getting a replacement metal frame for my COP headphones.  I looked on beyers website and was unable to find what I am looking for.  I also have a pair of M50's that have a broken 3.5 mm jack and I want to know how to repair them.  This is the metal band...
  10. nokialover

    Broken Audio Technica M50's cable- HELP

    I have a pair of ATH m50's that has a broken 3.5 mm jack.  The jack itself got stuck in someone's phone that they jammed into too hard.  I have a picture of the broken audio jack.  I am wondering if there is a cost efficient way of repairing them that won't cost more than the actual price of the...
  11. nokialover

    V-Moda's are becoming a fad and overtaking Beats in popularity at my high school!

    I have started to notice a very new trend at my school and that is that beats are starting to die and v-modas are becoming a fad. Even at my gym, I have seen many people drop beats and go to v-moda. It is hard to believe that the popularity of beats is during down at my high school and area...
  12. nokialover

    Wanna Get New Headphones Been eyeing the V-moda m100, HFI Ultrasone 780, and Ath m50x

    I want to upgrade my beyer COP, but want something with more detail in the sound and that can fold up.  My options are V-moda m100, HFI Ultrasone 780, and Ath m50x, and I am unsure of which to choose.  I have tried to ath m50 and found that the sound was much more detailed from those headphones...
  13. nokialover

    High Quality In-ears that is good for watching shows, and listening to EDM?

    I am looking into buying a pair of high quality in ears, to compliment by beyerdynamics COP, and want something that does good with EDM, and is good for watching shows.     Any Suggestions?  Thanks in advance
  14. nokialover

    Headphone AMP n00b Looking for Help-First Time Headphone Amp Purchaser

    I am looking to purchase a desktop amplifier for my headphones.  Curently I have a fiio e11 portable headphone amplifier, but when I am at home, I want an upgrade in terms of audio amplification.  The headphone that I am currently using is the Beyerdynamic COP, but looking to get headphones that...
  15. nokialover

    Great Movie Watching Headphones and Replacement Headphones for the Beyerdynamic COP

    I am in the market looking for headphones that are good for watching movies from my laptop off a fiio e11 amp.  My Beyerdynamic COP got water damaged and do not work as well, so I am looking for headphones that produce more detail than the Beyerdynamic COP and also are able to fold up.  I was...
  16. nokialover

    Portable Headphone combo that gets LOUD

    I currently have the beyerdynamic custom one pro's, but for me they do not get loud enough.  I was at the apple store the other day, and tried beats to check volume, and they got much louder than my laptop at max volume could.  So I realized it is the headphones.  Are there any headphones that...
  17. nokialover

    Headphone Help for friend-portable over ear

    My friend asked some advice for headphones, and he was thining beats, and I told him NOOOOO!.  He listens to rap, electronic more mainstream music basically.  He also needs some headphones that he will be using for he phone(samsung galaxy s3) and laptop mainly.  It also needs to be able to fold...
  18. nokialover

    Beyerdynamic COP's not loud enough?

    I got a pair of beyerdynic custom one pros(COP) but noticed that they are that loud coming from my phone but a bit louder from my laptop. Will an amp make the headphones louder, or do I need to return them? Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Board Express
  19. nokialover

    Just Got my first pair! Burn in time

    I just got my first pair of headphones, the beyerdynamic custom one, how long will burn in time take? The phone I am using has a built equalizer Nokia Lumia 920 if that helps. Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Board Express
  20. nokialover

    Major n00b! Please Help! Audio Technicas M50S or Soundmagic HP100?

    Basically I want to get a good pair of headphones that I will be using with my smartphone(nokia lumia 920) and want a good pair for my laptop too(Lenovo yogapad).  I like to listen to electronic music but not always, and want to know what would be the better buy.  I have been researching during...