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  1. AbedFa

    USB Desktop DAC as powerful as the Cayin C5/Fiio E12 to drive JVC HA-SZ1000

    So the title says it all. I have the following setup: -Cayin C5 -Fiio X3ii -JVC HA-SZ1000   I'm loving it, the Cayin C5 is simply amazing, but the short battery life is a big issue to myself since I use it a lot, I often charge it 2-3 times a day, and there was a few times when I used it...
  2. AbedFa

    Make the best bass out of JVC HA-SZ1000

    So I got this pair of headphones last week, and was still waiting for the delivery of Fiio X3 2nd Gen and Cayin C5. I finally set them up and tested them out. I can tell that listening to the C5 with X3 has more quality and bass to it than my Fiio E10k on PC. But still, I don't feel like I've...
  3. AbedFa

    A new pair of earpads for JVC HA SZ1000

    Yo. I've heard the sz1k earpads were fine in comparison to sz2k, but that wasn't the case for me when I bought it. My ears keep touching the insides due to the lack of pad depth. Anyway, I did look up and tried to search for an alternative replacement, but a few obstacles came blocking my way...
  4. AbedFa

    I think I fried my headphones

    Not really long ago since I got my first DAC/Amp, the Fiio E10k. I've been using my Razer Adaro headphones for almost a year now on my pc and never had a slight issue with it. It was my desire for extra more bass that lead me to buy the Fiio E10k, of course wanting a better sound quality is also...
  5. AbedFa

    Getting an AMP/DAC for the first time. SMSL M2 or Fiio E10K?

    So to start with, I need your opinions on a couple products that I looked into. They are SMSL M2 and Fiio Olympus 2 E10K. I live in Israel and I'll probably just order one from eBay.   To be specific on a few things, I'll be using one for my PC - Headphones, mainly for better quality music. I...