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  1. ck2323

    O2 AMP + ODAC

      Thanks for the replies guys! Looks like the JDS will be the one I get. How exactly does the DAC only mode work? Through the RCA ports? 
  2. ck2323

    O2 AMP + ODAC

    Does the Mayflower Objective2 + ODAC Rev. B Combo have the ability to use the dac only with an external amp? 
  3. ck2323

    New cable for Sennheiser HD595

    My cables on my Sennheiser HD595 got bit my dog and no longer work. Are the headphones able to be re-wired? If so, are there any guides available ?     
  4. ck2323

    Need some advice on closed cans! :D

    I'm looking into buying some closed cans (budget $160)...So far I've narrowed it down to Shure SRH 840 and Audio Technica A900. What is your guys' experience in relation to the two headphones or are there other alternatives? Any input would be very much appreciated.    Thanks.